2 On Call Instructor positions available.

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Job Summary: Is responsible for supervision, instruction, and monitoring of participants in functional life skills, social behaviors, and identified skills. Provides personal care as required. Work is performed in facility and community settings as directed by the Individual Program Plan/ Individual Service Plan. Assists in development of goals and objectives for each participant. Duties: Instructor positions perform personal care, physical assistance and training in these areas for participants. Instructors may be assigned to any Instructor position within the organization. Essential duties require the ability to stand and/or walk for extended periods of time; sit, stoop, bend, reach, push, and pull; exercise manual dexterity and strength to grab, grasp, hold, and handle items of various sizes; climb steps; read, write, speak, see and hear sufficiently to provide required supervision and protection to participants. Able to lift, carry and move participants (adults-up to one-half body weight or 70 pounds, whichever is less) and materials (up to 50 pounds). To apply, submit application and resume to Human Resource Department, located at 1424 Stonum Rd. in Modesto.