LOST PUG *Fawn/Black - Female*

posted by lenabobena


SaveMart Parking Lot, 1035 Sperry Ave, Patterson, CA 95363


PLEASE CALL 209.303.8505

Got away from my friend in the SaveMart parking lot on Friday 11/1 @ 1:00 p.m. Last seen on Apricot Ave in Patterson on Monday 11/4. 

If you have her or have any information please call, I will come for her anytime day or night. If you have her and are intending on keeping her there are some things you need to know about my dog. She's a pug so she has food allergies. She can't eat chicken based products or the cheap dog food found in the supermarkets, etc. If you feed this to her, she'll be chewing holes in herself by the end of the week. She eats Nutro Lamb & Rice it's $40 a bag. She gets fed twice a day, 1/3 C in the morning and 1/3 C at night. She does not eat table scraps, please do not feed them to her. Do not overfeed her, pugs have respiratory issues and it will impact her breathing in a negative way as well as shorten her life. If you continue to feed her crappy food she'll need to go to the vet for a cone & some meds to make her stop chewing herself bloody. She needs her teeth brushed daily, pugs are prone to dental disease. She has a bad tooth and because of her age (7), she'll need blood work done at the time of dental, plan on $500 minimum. If her dental needs are not addressed it will eventually kill her. She sheds... profusely. She wakes up every morning religiously at 6:30 a.m. because she is hungry. She snores loudly. She needs regular exercise on pavement to help keep her nails at the right length. Because she is a small dog, if they get too long it will twist the bones in her feet. She has corneal ulcers, she will need medication for this (which I have at home), if left untreated it will progress and become very painful for her. You must keep the folds in her face clean and dry, there are special wipes for this to prevent her from getting a yeast infection. She is an indoor dog and does not tolerate extreme heat or cold very well, it will kill her if she's left outside. Please don't hurt her or yell at her. 

Please give her back. If you have her, know that you are inflicting grievous harm to our family by keeping a member of it. We love her and miss her very much. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old. She's my four legged fur baby and I'm heartbroken by the loss of her. Please, please, please... if you have a heart give her back.