White Apple iPhone 4 Release Date: July 30th - Win New iPhone 4

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If you want to buy White iPhone 4, lets wait until its release date on July 30, Canadian wireless operator, Telus Mobility, has announced plans to introduce the Apple iPhone 4 on July 30, the same day as rival carrier, Bell Mobility.

Telus announced its intentions today, whereas Bell made its plans clear on Monday. Canada’s other major carrier, Rogers Wireless, has yet to announce a release date for the iPhone 4, although it will more-than-likely get in on the July 30 action as well.

Read more to read Statement by Apple on White iPhone 4

The iPhone 4, which has been available in the U.S. since late June, has all the same features as previous iPhone devices, plus an improved touchscreen display, enhanced battery life, a 5-megapixel flash camera, and an additional front-facing camera for video chat.

Bell made it official on its web page about iPhone 4 and will be joining Telus in launching the iPhone 4 on July 30th. Interested Canadians can point their browser to Bell’s website to register for the latest news on iPhone 4; while those dead set on getting Apple’s latest offering can start staking out a camping spot in front of their local retail store. Anyone going full bore to get the iPhone or has the antenna issues dampened some of your enthusiasm?

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