Addressing false statements
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First, I would like to address the notion that the Irrigator is not using Hispanic names to create animosity against Hispanics. I am the person whose name is signed to my last Voice comment, and to this one. Any animosity is self-derived and bias.

I was raised Catholic but now am a Conservative Christian. Catholics have been deceived by the liberal media that everyone is out to get them, which is untrue and pushed by the likes of politically correct media outlets, such as MSNBC. They believe if they say it often enough, busy and unknowing folk will take it as truth.

Second, my recent Voice comment does not contain any intentional innuendos or name calling. I state exactly what I mean, and am not pulling any intentional innuendo punches.

I would like to know what names Ms. Langstaff is referring to. Why is it whenever a conservative states their truth, facts, beliefs or views, it is labeled hateful? But when liberals voice their opinions, they just care?

This is exactly the kind of intolerance conservatives have to deal with by the so-called tolerant. Those demanding tolerance are intolerant of other views, even if they are factual.

I am also offended that Ms. Langstaff uses my God’s scripture at the end of her comment, when she states that her moral compass is not based on my religion or my God.

She also implies that Christians do not believe in treating people with love, compassion or generosity when another FACT is that the most giving people are faith based organizations who do believe in God.

I would also like to address Ms. Langstaff’s false statement, in which she hopes other unknowing readers would take as fact. There is NO GAY GENE, period! Many studies have been done— such as the (Simon) LeVay and the twin and X chromosome studies — with nothing scientifically conclusive to back this theory.

If a gay gene did exist, the homosexual population would disappear altogether. Additionally, scientific factual evidence does exist, which documents that homosexuals can, and have, changed their sexual orientation to heterosexuality.

The Human Genome Project set out to find the gay gene but after years of searching, had to report the scientific fact that they could find no such proof to back a gay gene.

And her statement that married women now constitute the majority of new AIDS case is another huge falsehood! Please refer to to get the facts.

As of June 30, 2013, in California alone, the total HIV/AIDS cases in males was 89.4 percent, which is 192,477 people, compared to females at a 9.9 percent, which is 21,374.

The truth and facts are easily found; the problem with our society is it takes time to find truth. Talking points hurts our communities and our society.

Communication, or lack of honest communication, has been used to brainwash those who are just too busy to research the facts and truth on a variety of subjects; they are being used as political weapons to push various agendas.

I was also bullied, but chose not to have it define who I was, nor did I use it to define others.

The truth is good and evil exist, and we all have free will to pursue either. Cyber bullying is affecting young people more than the type of bullying we grew up with, but it goes along with the liberal mindset that we should all be able to do and say what we want, which is hypocritical in regards to bullying, to say the least.

With the increased population and social media running rampant with negative influences, it is of no wonder society faces so many problems and so much division. I do not support anti-bullying campaigns, as I know what the agenda behind it really is.

Millions of families who have lost sons to HIV/AIDS cannot blame bullying for their losses. And those who believe in God have been sending money and working together to end poverty, disease and war long before liberals jumped on the band wagon.

The difference is that we like to get to the root cause of these issues; otherwise all our money and efforts are of no avail and will end none of the hardships or diseases that plague humanity.


Diane Griego

Patterson Resident

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