Bad Taste
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I am writing in response to the nonsense of “Let the law do its job” author.

Unfortunately my father is not here to set the record straight, so I will.

My father, Sam Cuellar apparently is the reason for the gang problem, according to Lawrence Cline, because he wanted to ensure that all citizens of these Untied States had equal protection under the law.

I have lived here my entire life, and if you think gangs just popped up then you need to get out of the cave more often.

There is fiction, and then fact. It was my daughter (not niece) and three of her friends that were mistreated by this particular law enforcement officer.

The supposed “vehicle that would fit the profile of a gang member vehicle” was a stock Chevy Cobalt, purchased locally at our local dealership.

Who knew this vehicle was popular among today’s gang members?

The kids were going to Save Mart to purchase candy— you know snickers, Hershey’s, etc.— when they were followed by a police car.

They drove and drove in the parking lot until the policeman pulled in front of them and began cursing them out.

I know because my daughter called me as it was happening. They were charged with nothing, nor had any reason to be profiled other than they were teenagers and minorities.

I, my daughter and one of the friends went to the council to report this injustice.

What came out of this was a forum where others also came forward to speak about the harassment they felt at the hands of certain individuals.

Your commentary as to what my father did was quite the story, but far from the reality of what occurred. It was careless and slanderous.

How dare you call my child a questionable character and refer to her and her friends as gang members.

Heck, gang members are insulted because, if you knew these kids, the closest thing they are to being a gang member is that they are close friends that associate with each other.

AB 109, prison realignment is one big reason why crime is high, since criminals are set loose daily because of this bill.

Drugs are a major factor; the smell of marijuana permeates the air at any given time in this city.

Parents are not taking an active role in their children’s lives and education is not cherished in this country, as it should be.

I have taught my children, as I was taught, to respect the law and to expect fair treatment under the law.

What happened that evening was wrong and left my child and her friends with a bad taste.

I will give you this though; this article was educational in the sense that I have a great example when trying to explain the saying “Ignorance Is Bliss,” and for that, I thank you.

Edwardo Cuellar,

Patterson resident

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June 06, 2014
I agree. Gang members would never drive a vehicle purchased locally, shop at Save Mart or eat a snickers!

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