Candidate’s odd endorsements
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I noticed a few oddities while looking at the website of State Assembly candidate Adam Gray. It was Mr. Gray’s list of endorsers that intrigued me the most. The list includes numerous legislators, mostly from the Bay Area and Southern California. The most interesting of these is state Sen. Leland Yee of San Francisco. This is the same Leland Yee who launched a nasty campaign of political harassment last year against California State University, Stanislaus, when Sarah Palin appeared there as a speaker.

As a student at University of California, Merced, I am very concerned about attacks from any politician on academic freedom. As a local Assembly candidate, Adam Gray should also be concerned about such abuses. I am surprised that Gray would align himself with people such as Leland Yee.

Maurice Lewis, Merced

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March 01, 2012
If i have done my homework right, i believe Mr. Gray used to be a staffer in the legislature so its not uncommon to see he has endorsements from up and down the state. And as for the nasty attacks on Stan State, Academic Freedom is one thing that should not be attacked but when a university uses a polarizing figure,that spews lies at every speaking engagement to raise fear and who is the queen of attacks, remember the Scope target maps she produced on her website showing Congressional Representatives that needed to be ousted, days before Mrs. Giffords was attacked in Arizona? Deserve some criticism, maybe not to the extent of Senator Yee, but questioned none the less. Im sure he is very well aware of his endorsements and if questioned will have solid answers

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