College Chronicles
by Arthur Hoxie
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Second semester brings plenty of new challenges This is part of a series of dispatches from college freshman Arthur Hoxie, who left Patterson to pursue higher education at Oklahoma State University.

Whew! That is probably the best way I can sum up the first couple of weeks of this semester — it has been one of a kind, though.

A lot has happened since I have been back. I decided to take only 12 units this semester, and I have learned some life lessons that I hope to share with everyone so that high school seniors and people looking to go to college don’t make the same mistakes.

First, don’t take 16 units in one semester.

Another is that just because everyone else is going partying every weekend doesn’t mean you need to. I promise you all, there are so many parties that if you disappoint friends and miss a couple, you won’t die and they will still be your friends. Furthermore, you probably won’t have as much trouble in your classes.

But enough of these lessons!

School has been going really well. The classes I am taking are great, and I’m really getting into the flow of things. I am learning some cool things with computers and programming. The Air Force is getting better and better as I learn and participate more. And as for Oklahoma itself, it’s still one-of-a-kind.

For instance, I experienced my first big storm, and yes, there were tornados that wiped out homes in Oklahoma City and Edmond — both very close to where I am.

With the Air Force this semester, since we have some experience under our belts, they are letting us do more and be more creative. In one of our classes, we learned basic water survival, and I had to swim in my Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) for 20 minutes and tread water for 10 minutes and also learned how to turn my pants into an inflatable device.

Then we learned how to swim with a rifle and jump off a high dive into the water in full BDUs with gear and a rifle.

It has been an experience to die for, and in a few weeks I will go to a nearby base in Kansas for five days to learn some daily business that officers take care of and start to see what my future has to offer.

Lastly, I apologize for not writing in last month’s Instigator. It has been difficult to find time, but I promise more columns will come from now on until the summer, all with new and entertaining material.

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