Council should refocus on city's well-being
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$47,000 has been wasted in legal fees surrounding our council members, and from reading recent articles that number is going to continue to grow. This is a shame and embarrassing for the city of Patterson. This letter is specifically directed towards the City Council.

I think most observers agree it’s time to start doing what is right and base decisions on what makes sense for Patterson! Quit wasting the court’s time and money on what seems to be a personal vendetta.

Council members, if you are listening, please convince us (the public) why this nonsense needs to continue? Will the ends justify the means? I feel like every time a logical question is posted on a public forum, it gets dodged or ignored. I am trying to remember the last time I read an article regarding specific members of our council that was not focused around some sort of personal agenda or accusations from either side that really are not related to improving our cities well being.

So again I ask: Is this what’s best for Patterson? Is this what you were elected to do? And isn’t it time our city officials put personal issues aside and work together on improving this city?

Differing viewpoints is what makes our government special. However, let’s not put up blinders to what is best for the city that you are representing. It’s time to focus on city issues, not personal ones.

Again, I gasp, $47,000 in legal fees....WOW!!!!

Kevin Scoles, Patterson native and Palm Desert resident

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February 20, 2012
Wondering if these two would have pursued this on their own dime. Enabling them to continue this loosing battle at the taxpayers expense is just wrong!
February 17, 2012
If its personnel vendetta, they should pay court bills out of there own pocket. Patterson needs to get rid of all the people running Patterson and put honest people there. Patterson needs no more crooks. Other cities and towns do better and do so much more.

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