Delegating the council’s oversight
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For simplicity’s sake, a City Council acts as the legislative branch of the city. They are elected officials. Patterson City Council’s legislative responsibility is to review, pass or decline ordinance laws, while the City Manager manages or develops processes to accomplish those laws.

In some ways, this might be similar to the Congress of the United States and the President. Laws are passed by Congress, the Legislative Branch, while the President, the Executive Branch, administers those laws.

In the forefront of legislation, there must be some sort of ‘common good’— the public benefit of the legislation that is passed or negated.

Ron Swift mentioned in his past two columns the issue of staff morale, the Councilmember’s behavior and firing of staff if they don’t do their job.

This is a distraction or diversion. Sorry, Ron. It’s really about the ordinance.

The City Council delegated its legislative responsibility to the City Staff. By ridding the City Council from the mapping culprit, apparently the development process was streamlined for the ‘mystery’ corporation.

In a way, that council ordinance is like when Congress, back in 1970’s, delegated its ‘war declaration power’ to the sitting President.

The law sat there until the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and the cost to taxpayers today is about $6 trillion— not counting the future veteran medical expenses and the trauma for their families.

In Patterson, due to previous development planning issues, the taxpayers paid a 1.3 million lawsuit and another pending lawsuit for $1.7, both involving a sitting City Councilmember.

Who knows what this new law will bring without City Council oversight?

The ordinance is the crux of the issue. Had the ordinance started that a City Council has the right to resume their responsibility of reviewing the planning maps, when they are deemed necessary, the issue would be a moot point.

Now the ordinance stands! The City Council delegated their oversight power. I don’t believe the citizens and taxpayers who elected the City Council want that to happen.

Thank you, Patterson Irrigator for the venue!

Donna Miller, Patterson resident

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