Loose dogs a danger to walkers
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The city of Patterson has a problem with loose dogs. About a year ago, my Pomeranian was attacked by a pit bull in our own front yard. My dog was leashed and keeping me company while I gardened, only to be mauled and nearly killed. It cost more than $2,000 for surgery to save her.

Since that incident, many people have shared their stories about pit bull attacks with me. I am told, and have seen myself, that one must carry a stick to fend off dogs when walking around town.

When I take my dog for a walk, I need to be constantly vigilant. I find that I see loose dogs at least twice a week during our walks. People need to keep their animals under control. I would like prospective dog owners to think twice before they adopt a dog that may eat someone’s beloved pet. I just want to be able to enjoy a walk with my dog without being in fear that she will be eaten.

Rebekah Graser, Patterson

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October 15, 2012
I agree with andy to say pit bulls are the problem is not true I owned a pit bull who was like a baby and when I walked him on his leash and with his tags,there would be other dogs on the loose that would scare him. I have seen small dogs be just as aggressive, as well as bull mastiffs, rotweillers, and such. I don't think the breed is the problem its the owners. My pit went to live with my son since it was his dog and now im left with my three chi's and when I walk them there are other dogs out there that terriorize them as well including a pomperanian. So I would not be so judgmental on the breed. I think the laws should be in effect for all breeds cause a small dog can cause as much harm as a big dob. Im just saying...
October 15, 2012
Ok this is to all you. I have a cat that was killed when she was on my porch and the dog was a pitbull that killed her. The owner was there and walked away and did nothing. If I was home this dog and owner would not be able to just walk away. I have owned all kinds of breeds over the years. All dogs are dangerous when they are not on a leash and owners who walk there dogs in any city without following this basic rule are irresponsible and a danger to all of us and our children. Animal control in patterson needs to be called and informed when dogs are loose and take care of this problem. Let the law be the one to corrcet this not people defending the Pitbull breed.
October 11, 2012
I agree that there are many dogs on the loose. But to indicate that pit bulls are the problem would be wrong. I see more small dogs loose in Patterson than any other dog. I am sorry that your dog was attacked, but I have lived in Patterson for 9 years and have been out walking my pit bull and been charged by Chihuahuas on multiple occasion while the owner watched from the front porch. I have never had an encounter with a loose large dog. I am not only a responsible pet owner, but a responsible pit bull owner. I take great offense to your statement about pit bull attacks. Any dog that is loose or improperly cared for poses a hazard community. It may have been a pit bull who attacked your dog, but to use the term pit bull to make your point is unnecessary. It can be ANY breed of dog.

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