Update: Shooting victim identified
by Jonathan Partridge | Patterson Irrigator
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Stanislaus County Sheriff's officials investigate a shooting death of a man in front of a home on the 1400 block of Shearwater Drive early Monday morning.--Photo by Jonathan Partridge/Patterson Irrigator
Stanislaus County Sheriff's officials investigate a shooting death of a man in front of a home on the 1400 block of Shearwater Drive early Monday morning.--Photo by Jonathan Partridge/Patterson Irrigator
A man was shot and killed in western Patterson early Monday, Sept. 3, according to sheriff’s investigators. The man is now being identified as Juan Armando Silva, 22, of Patterson.

Neighbors said a 19-year-old man was responsible for a fatal shooting on the 1400 block of Shearwater Drive, but no arrests had been made as of Tuesday, Sept. 4, according to Sgt. Anthony Bejaran of the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

As of Tuesday afternoon, investigators with the sheriff’s department had not released the identity of the teenager allegedly responsible for the shooting.

The body was discovered by firefighters and medics lying in the driveway of a residence at 1400 Shearwater Drive after receiving a report about a shooting at 1:09 a.m. Monday, according to Sgt. Frank Fenn of the sheriff’s department.

The Silva appeared to have died of a single gunshot wound, Fenn said, though he did not specify where he was shot, as he did not know at the time.

Fenn stated that a resident of the home where the shooting occurred — which was next door to where the body of Silva was found — was the person who called 911 to report the incident. Neighbors said the 19-year-old was the only person in the house at the time, as other family members were out of town.

The man neighbors identified as the 19-year-old resident was questioned by police following the shooting, but he did not wish to speak to the Irrigator at the scene.

The man living in the house where the victim’s body was found, who did not wish to give his name, said the victim might have been trying to break into a house next door at 1404 Shearwater Drive, where the 19-year-old lived with his parents.

The resident said that on Saturday or Sunday, someone had snapped off the window screens of the home where the 19-year-old lived, but no one had made entry into the home at the time.

Bejaran would not address the allegation that the victim was trying to break into any of the houses on Shearwater Drive, saying the matter was still under investigation.

Investigators did not provide details about where the shooting happened or details about the firearm allegedly used in the shooting.

Shearwater Drive resident Sarah Firestone, who lives a couple of homes away from where the shooting reportedly occurred, said she heard the gunshot and went outside about three minutes later to find the man’s body on the driveway. The shot was so loud it sounded like was fired inside her room, she said.

“It was hecka loud,” she said.

Sarah Firestone’s father, Dan Firestone, noted police raided an alleged marijuana grow house farther down the street on the same block Aug. 23. Despite those incidents, Dan Firestone said the neighborhood — which is a block away from Apricot Valley Elementary School — has been generally quiet in the seven years he has lived there.

“It’s definitely disconcerting,” he said.

Monday’s incident is the second shooting death within Patterson city limits this year.

On Jan. 4, investigators found the body of Jesus Gallardo, 19, behind the backstop of a baseball diamond at Felipe Garza Jr. Memorial Park off Hartley Street.

Police have issued an arrest warrant in that case for 26-year-old Victor Valdovinos, who remains at large.

In addition, two Latino men were found bound and shot west of Patterson near the 10-mile marker on Del Puerto Canyon Road on Aug. 4. One of those men has since been identified as San Jose resident Carlos Martinez, 39. The other had not been identified as of last month, but Bejaran could not be reached for an update Wednesday. The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department continues to investigate that case.

This week’s shooting also came after the owner of Mandarin House Restaurant was shot in the arm inside the restaurant at 36 S. Third St. on Friday, Aug. 31.

Sgt. John Walker of Patterson Police Services verified Wednesday that the shooting at the local eatery took place but did not have further details as of the Irrigator deadline.

Updates on both Monday and Friday’s shootings will be posted on the web this week at www.pattersonirrigator.com.

• Contact Jonathan Partridge at 892-6187, ext. 26, or jonathan@pattersonirrigator.com. Irrigator reporter Nick Rappley contributed to this report.

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September 06, 2012
It's time for all of us who live in Patterson and care about our town to write to the Patterson city, the Stanislaus county, and the Mayor and Mr. Luis I. Molina to have our own Patterson Police Department/Force to patrol our neighborhood and protect our familes. It's very sad to feel unsafe in our own homes.
September 04, 2012
The perp got what he deserved! A home is a safe zone and by the burglar entering the home. if anyone entered my home i'm not taking any chances! If he broke the window i'm sure he had something therefore self defense!
September 04, 2012
With all the break-ins and crime it was just a matter of time before one of these scumbags was caught and killed.

I applaud the parents of the 19 year old for teaching him gun control and protecting his property and possibly his life.

September 03, 2012
There is an article on the Modest-Bee that is written better, and has more information regarding this incident. Looks like the burglar was shot after he forcible gained access to the residence by breaking a window. A teenage resident of the home shot the intruder who then fled on foot but expired on the driveway of a neighboring home. The circumstances of the deadly confrontation are unknown at this time.

I wish the "irritator" would put more effort into some of their stories.

September 03, 2012
I have a few questions about this story;

Was the person shot armed (Gun, Knife, Stick ECT)?

Was he person shot attempting to hurt the shooter?

Was the person shot ever in the residence?

Was he shot in the house or in the driveway?

Did the shooter use a handgun or long-rifle?

How many times was he shot and where on his body?

CA Penal 198.5 (Lets see what happens)

I think someone might need a good lawyer...

September 03, 2012
I totally agree with you. The law is pretty clear on this. You can't shoot someone for being on your property unless your life is being threatened.

The Irritator always creates dumb headlines, and even one totally untrue about me once. So what if the neighbors said it was self-defense? That means nothing.

A police friend told me once years ago that if someone is in your house you do what you gotta do to eliminate the threat. Also heard years ago if you shoot someone outside be sure to drag him into the house. This ain't Texas where you can shoot someone practically for about anything.

Sounds to me also the kid needs a lawyer, and we'll have to wait and see what the authorities do about charging him with at least manslaughter or not.
September 03, 2012
Lets see... you must be a attorney and looking for work.
September 03, 2012
No, not a lawyer, I just don't take everything I read on the internet as the truth. I ask questions, gather facts, and form may opinion based on those findings. For example, it was said "the neighbors said he was trying to break into the house" "neighbors said it was self-defense" these are conclusions; the neighbors did not witness the action! These are the facts; 1. On Saturday or Sunday someone removed screens from the house. 2. The teenager made a report by a 911 call stating he shot someone who was trying to break into his house. 3. There was a man found dead on the driveway of a home immediately next to the teenagers home 4. There were no witnesses other than the teenage shooter, and the dead man.

I ask this;

Did he actually break into the home?

Did he get shot on the teenagers property, flee, and later expire on the neighbors driveway?

Did the person shot have a weapon?

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