Motorcycles in the valley
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I have to write about how deadly is it to ride a motorcycle in the valley.

It seems every time I take the Harley out, cars, trucks and SUVs seem to just want to be right up my rear (or fender).

Do the people licensed from D.M.V. not understand that you shouldn’t tail gate?

Or are they in too big a hurry to get somewhere that they don’t care if they may kill someone on the way to their destination?

I understand. Bikes are able to do things easier than four-wheeled vehicles because they are skilled.

And yes, we too have a bad rap because of bad riders that do stupid things.

But most of us are smart, safe riders that just want to ride free and safely share the road.

So please, back off.

You have a bumper, we only have bones...

Lawrence Cline,

Patterson resident

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February 27, 2014
Lawrence: love your letter I ride too but... It not just motorcycles they do it while driving your car too. People from across the globe are the worst believe you me I lived in Kuwait for a year they are the scariest drivers. its worse in the bay area but what it all boils down too is that no one cares anymore, no one obeys keeping a safe distance anymore while driving and people are just disrespectful and foolish. in my truck I just want to slam on my brakes I know we can't do this on our motorcycles. I also ride horses and down some of these country roads it makes me pissed off and sick to my stomach when they drive past us at 75mph, we are on 1200 lb animals who are unpredictable and people drive so fast by us it is frightening.

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