No helmet, no park — period
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As a mother of a skater who frequently uses the park, I have to say that I am disappointed to see you used a picture of a skater on the front on the Irrigator on Thursday, May 3, who is not wearing a helmet.

My son wears his helmet at all time and follows all park rules. I am in no way implying my son should have been on the cover; however, seeing as the article (“City seeks to smooth skate park’s rough edges,” Page 2) is about “smoothing the skate park’s rough edges,” isn’t the issue of a helmet use at all times a “rough edge?” I see kids there daily not complying with this rule.

I am proud to say my son is the exception to this. He knows: no helmet, no park — period.

The end of your article says the skate park in Marina enforced rules that would close the park for a day if one child was not wearing a helmet. I think that is great. Weed out the few who don’t and hopefully they will learn to comply.

I am sure there are politics behind this, seeing as Councilwoman Annette Smith has sons who use the park and for some reason feel that they are the exception to the rule (as many of them do anyway).

All in all, something needs to be done. There is a wonderful skate park in San Jose located in Lake Cunningham park. They charge a $2 fee, and you must have a helmet to ride. No exceptions.

They also have a manned station at the entrance to enforce such rules. This is what needs to be done here. I for one would be willing to take such a job to enforce that our youth stay safe, and I am sure many other parents would be willing, as well.

Something is going to happen. It is only a matter of time. It could be a fight where someone is injured, a child with a major head injury, who knows. Then what?

Thank you.

Christina I. Anderson, Patterson

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May 10, 2012
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