Not making the most out of community calendar
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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Ron Swift
Ron Swift
What this community needs is … (whistles, bells, chimes, etc.):

A coordinated community event calendar.

Oh, you say, we already have one? Maddy Houk at the Patterson Irrigator keeps a calendar of events pinned to the wall in her office for easy reference, and Maddy for years has shared her information with the Chamber of Commerce – and vice versa.

But the problem is this: few local organizations and others planning large events use her service. That means fundraisers and social gatherings often compete with each other for attendance, limiting all parties involved.

Some groups contact Maddy when they have set a date, but seldom contact her in advance of doing so to determine if they will have a conflict. If all would cooperate, the problem would be solved.

For this reason, a local youth group is considering putting out a Patterson event calendar for 2014. If this is undertaken, local clubs and organizations as well as churches and schools will be asked this fall to set their dates this fall, probably before Nov. 1. That will assure them of getting a free listing on the calendar.

Even Maddy will appreciate such a calendar.


The Patterson Theater opened over 100 years ago, but was soon beset with problems.

Theater proprietor A. W. Gow was successful for a time, but walked away from the business and moved from Patterson in early 1913.

Then along came R. M. Skinner, who planned to open the business the weekend of Aug. 2-3, 1913. He hired E.J. Morehouse to be his projectionist.

Bad idea. It seems that Morehouse was the local constable and Skinner hadn’t taken out a business license. Thus, no opening until he did.

It turns out that Gow also had no license and still owed Morehouse $40.

It was hard to beat bureaucracy, even back then.


Those concrete pads going to be laid along Sperry Avenue in front of Wal-Mart reportedly will accommodate four new businesses, the identities of two still to be announced. The other two are Panda Express and GameStop.

Down at Thompson Chevrolet, the staff is moving back into its new quarters after an extensive building renovation that started last December. Bruce Thompson sounded jubilant, as well he should be. Such projects aren’t easy when it’s necessary to continue a business operation, as the Irrigator staff found out some 20 years ago when our project took nearly two years. That may have been a Patterson record.

Some of us often make several trips a day across Plaza, the official name of Patterson’s inner circle that goes around our museum, past City Hall and our downtown banks. Most motorists are quite respectful and courteous when a pedestrian is in one of Plaza’s crosswalks. Of course it only takes one to give you a pain in the posterior and elsewhere, so step lively.

I have to apologize for missing a couple of appointments in the past several months. It seems I’ve been using a free calendar that arrived in the mail that has both Gregorian and Hijrl dates on it. The latter put me in the year 1434-35. In others words, my youth.

Sorry to have to do this, but once again must remind Pattersonites that El Circulo is not an avenue. It is simply El Circulo. The telephone directory, including the Yellow Pages, newspaper ads as well as stationery and business cards being used locally, are simply wrong. As in w-r-o-n-g.

Likewise, Sperry and Ward are avenues, not roads as they sometimes erroneously appear in print. And if you don’t already know it, Sperry is true east-west and Ward true north-south. I’m glad the original Pattersonites lined something true when they laid out the town.

Please return the grocery carts to the appropriate stores. They surely must be running short.

Waiting early this week for a long freight train to slowly roll through Patterson, motorists were treated to a magnificent display of rail car graffiti. I mean it was spectacular – artistic with a display of brilliant colors, background scenes of trees and mountains, and some of it continued from car to car. I can only hope that the art work isn’t soon graffiti-ed.


Thanks goodness the 49ers have opened training camp in preparation for their upcoming season. Now our attention can turn from the Giants, whose lost season can only be termed a disappointment.

Let’s hope the Niners can Kaep off another good year.

By the way, here’s another example that life isn’t always fair.

Pete Rose bet on his own team while serving as a major league baseball manager. The all-time leader in hits was banned from baseball for life.

Ryan Braun won the league MVP title, lied about using a banned substance, then was caught a second time. He was given a 100-game suspension and will be back to earn bigger bucks than Rose has ever dreamed about.

Which guy affected the game of baseball the most? Who gave it the biggest black eye?


The person using the alias Anonymous (gender unknown) had this to say about life:

“Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can’t change. Life’s too short to be anything … but happy.”

Smart person, that Anonymous.

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