One more thing for Patterson to be proud of
by PI Editorial Board
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As we approach the Labor Day Historical Weekend — the cornerstone of a yearlong celebration of Patterson’s centennial — we can expect to be reminded often of all the things Patterson has to be proud of.

No doubt, there is plenty. There are also plenty of things to not be so proud of, but now is not the time for those things.

Now is the time to celebrate everything that is so great about this town, and we’re happy to oblige.

There’s one particular thing that doesn’t get talked about often, but it occurred to us as we watched the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors meeting side by side with the Patterson City Council last week.

The seating arrangement alternated supervisors and councilors, with each group having five. That probably diluted the effect, but it was still plain to see for anyone paying much attention — Patterson’s City Council is, by comparison, one heck of a diverse group.

This should not be taken as any kind of knock on the supervisors. It’s not the supervisors’ fault they’re all white men. It’s not the voters’ fault for electing them. It just turned out that way, we figure.

But it is nice to see such remarkable diversity on our little ol’ town’s council — one white man, one white woman, one Latino man, one Latino woman (the mayor) and one black woman.

The local school board also has a good deal of diversity in both gender and ethnicity. And Patterson recently hired its first female police chief.

We’re not sure if this says all that much about our city or our residents or our local government, and we certainly would never endorse one candidate over another for the purpose of diversity. We just think it’s neat the way it all worked out.

The meeting itself, by the way, was certainly a success, and we hope the board follows through with Supervisor Jim DeMartini’s suggestion of holding similar meetings with various cities throughout the county. Even if we only see the supervisors here once every three or four years, it feels good knowing our concerns will be heard and — hopefully — taken seriously by the county.

And yeah, we know there’s a lawsuit going on. But wouldn’t it have been fun to see everyone go at it on West Park?
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