Patterson and its community pride
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Patterson residents have a long history of pride in our community.

Maybe it started on Day One when the Patterson family divided up some 20,000 acres of rural property into small farm acreages, and then laid out a uniquely-designed town that took their name. Patterson truly may be called a planned community.

Not that anyone has ever thought that our community is perfect. It isn’t, and hopefully we will never decide it is.

I remember back some 40 years ago when Wade Bingham served on the City Council before later being elected Patterson’s mayor. He would take just about anyone who wanted to tag along on rides through the city’s alleys. Some were downright deplorable, and that’s giving them the benefit of the doubt. Mud, holes, standing water, broken-down fences, debris everywhere— including discarded appliances. Bingham was downright disgusted with the trashiness.

Getting back to the present, Patterson needs to pay some attention to our city’s entrances. City Hall plans some improvements to our western entrance, which undoubtedly services the highest coming and going traffic volume. That will be a good start.

But it’s a constant battle to keep the entrances attractive. I’ll be polite and not name names, but a few property owners along those entrances good do with a bit more civic pride.

At our freeway entrance/exit, we have a mess. One local resident, who has himself picked up trash in that area, recently called Cal-Trans. He was informed that the state agency doesn’t handle cleanup of on-off ramp areas, nor would volunteers be permitted to undertake the chore. Amen.

We’re likely to hear more on this subject in the not-too-distant future.


Believe it or not, I spotted Halloween displays in a major retail store back in early August. No doubt about it, All Hallows’ Eve has become a major event in the marketplace.

And retailers know all the tricks. HM (Housemate) came home nearly a month ago with a huge sack of candy. My favorite, too – chocolate.

So this week she was in the store for a replacement bag.


Recently, while assisting the Patterson Cemetery District with the printing of a brochure, I committed a major boo-boo.

The brochure is being used to solicit donations to finish the wrought iron fencing at the cemetery along Highway 33. But rather than having checks made out to the Patterson Cemetery District, the brochure says they should be written to the Patterson Township Historical Society.

To which I say, “Ouch!” Egg on face isn’t very tasty.

The address on the brochure is correct and the cemetery and the historical group will make sure the donations end up at the right place.

My mother warned me that age would take its toll.


Tomorrow is Friday, Nov. 1, the deadline for Patterson-area clubs, schools, churches and lodges to get their activities for next year on the 2014 Community Calendar to be published by the Boy Scouts.

As of Wednesday morning, just 15 of the 52 calendar sheets handed out to the above groups have been returned. Only one church has responded. And because the listings of fund-raisers, installations, dinners, and celebrations will be placed on the calendar at no charge, the turn-in to date is a very sad pittance.

So I’ll give you one extra day – to Saturday, Nov. 2. If not received at my address (on the sign-up sheet) by Saturday evening, the calendar project will proceed without you. No phone calls or e-mails, please, except with questions.

HM even volunteers to stand out front on Saturday and direct traffic.


Longtime Patterson resident Phyllis Breves has in the past given me solid advice on a variety of household tasks. Most recently, she solved my problem of socks going missing in the laundry. So Phyllis, I’m directing your way another question about laundering.

Why is it that three-fourths of my underwear comes out of the dryer inside out? It doesn’t go in that way.

And on a related topic, why are at least half of my socks found inside the underwear? Are they trying to hide?


Thank you, kind readers, for forwarding me e-mails that are both philosophical and hit some nails on the head. Here’s the best one received this week and is titled “Term Limits.”

“Limit all politicians to two terms – one in office and one in prison. It works! Detroit and Chicago do this.”


Our list of Patterson-area residents who are 90 and over is about to complete its third year. It numbers over 60, but my spies out there haven’t forwarded me a new member of the list for some time.

The way it’s going, I might turn 90 myself before I again hear from anyone.


Yes, I’m truly enjoying the World Series. My two longtime favorite teams in the American and National leagues are battling it out, with one to come in first and the other second. I couldn’t be more delighted.

Actually, I go way back to my youth (25-30 years ago) with the Cards. One summer while attending college, a buddy and I drove all night to St. Louis, saw a Saturday afternoon game and a double-header on Sunday, then returned overnight to Ames, Iowa. I was so tired I missed classes the next two days.

Did you enjoy the Rascal Flatts trio singing the National Anthem during Game 4? A truly great rendition.

Isn’t it amazing the history trivia they come up with while announcing the Series? Who would have thought we had just watched the youngest player in Series history hit a triple.

Northern California football did well again last weekend. Both Patterson High teams won again to advance to 8-0 records, the 49ers and Raiders posted victories, Stanford beat a good Oregon State team on the road, Fresno State remained unbeaten, and only MJC lost (but could have won).

Now on to the weekly report on college football.

For Patterson residents with Kansas roots, Ottawa got past Southwestern 82-21, thwarting a last quarter comeback by the losers.

And Grove City beat Thomas More 7-4. Maybe they thought they were playing baseball.


More woes in the job market. Here’s the latest from our readers:

“I became a professional fisherman but found I couldn’t live on my net income.”

“I got a job with a pool maintenance company but found the work too draining.”

“I thought about becoming a dentist but figured it might be too boring.”

I see the need, good readers, for one of you to open an employment agency.

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