Patterson defeats Swift 2-0
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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First, let me note that we have just returned from over a week in Oregon, fortunately getting through the Northern California fires that devastated an area north of Weed.

It was fun sitting in a yard in Central Oregon with a watchful eye on three- and four-point bucks grazing in the front lawn of a house across the street. And that was several blocks from the edge of town on a street sporting a sign that read, “Slow for fawn.”

When the deer-hunting season begins in eastern Oregon, those in harm’s way apparently move into town, joining their four-legged friends who spend a lifetime there munching on flowerbeds, tree leaves, etc.

I returned home hoping to find that Patterson hadn’t experienced further business stick-ups (unfortunately, it had) and that the pile of burned house debris along Sperry Avenue on the Mahaffey property had been cleaned up (unfortunately, it hadn’t). Alas, I would have been satisfied with one-out-of-two.

I also returned to 263 unread e-mails that still have my attention. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reply.


Lots of activity to report. Longtime Patterson resident Betty Carlson turned 90 on Sunday, and thus goes on our 90-plus list. A party of family and friends marked the occasion

And late last month, a family gathering was held in Woodlake to note the 96th birthday of Seth “Tex” Pace. Son Mike and his wife Sally hosted the event, with their son Ryan, (Reina) and children Seth, 11, and Corinne, 9, arriving from their home in Zurich, Switzerland, as well as daughter Natalie Pace Cady, (Craig) and their children Jackson, 6, and Elizabeth, 3. The Cadys live in Georgia. It was the first time in years the family had gotten together. (Tex now resides in Turlock but lived here for many years while raising a family, selling insurance and spending over 30 years refereeing football games—the latter his passion.)

And this week—Monday to be exact—Bertha Criswell amazingly noted her 105th birthday with a gathering at Las Palmas Mobile Estates where she makes her home. She’s the oldest resident on our list.

And a couple come off the list. Longtime resident, farmer and businessman Justin A. Traina died last Friday at age 93 after being in failing health. He was both well-known and highly-respected. And you know that John V. Azevedo died July 25 at home where he was bedridden. He was 94.

Giving Azevedo’s eulogy at last week’s service was Peter Milcovich, Patterson’s third city manager who held the position some 35 years ago starting in 1979. He now lives in Walnut Creek. Milcovich and John had remained friends over the ensuing years, both having concluded careers in the military. Peter visited here several weeks ago.

Coincidentally, the local Planning Commission passed a proclamation honoring Azevedo just the evening before he died. Commission Chairman Ron West and member Bryan Bingham presented it to him the next morning less than an hour before he breathed his last.

“The list” now stands at 74.


Those flowers around the museum in downtown Patterson are downright gorgeous. Planted last spring by the city’s Beautification Committee, they add color to our inner circle.

Most of what appear to be weeds growing amongst the flowers are actually small palms that grow from the seeds dropped from the tall trees. Anyone wanting a palm should help themselves, but leave the flowers alone.


Despite the damage inflicted by the Dodgers on the Giants in the recent series in San Francisco (and despite the cheering for the home team by Blues Café’s Rick Barron), expect the race to go down to the wire.

Likewise the A’s and the Angels.


And while away, a reader sent me this bit of wisdom:

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

Amen to that.

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at
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