Residents must stand against vandalism
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I thought I would vent a little, as I have lived in Patterson for a majority of my life. I feel that most people in Patterson take pride in our town, despite what people feel it lacks. With that said, here is my rant:

During the past few days, I know the winds took a toll on numerous trees, including some that possibly should have been replaced a long time ago.

I came home the other afternoon after having picked up my children and drove by our neighborhood park in the Bright Homes development off of Walnut Avenue.

There were four kids — two girls and two boys — pulling on the trees and kicking them over to uproot and break them. It was very upsetting to see this, since most, if not all, of those in this neighborhood, as well as others around town, pay Mello Roos fees in addition to property taxes to support roads, parks, and so on.

I pulled over and yelled at them from my car to ask if they were going to take responsibility for any damage they did. They quickly stopped, but the next day, I noticed that despite having asked them to stop, several trees were damaged.

Today, as I left Walmart, I noticed what appeared to be vandalism to their trees — trees uprooted completely and knocked over across their lot. I understand that several people may still not want Walmart here, but it is here — get over it.

Take some pride in this “small” town and report these types of activities. For all intents, that area actually would be very nice in the summer, especially for all those who don’t mind walking.

I apologize for all those who might read this and think “so what,” but I would like to think there are enough of us who do care about our town.

Mercedes Carter, Patterson
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April 26, 2013
I had my auto stolen this week (one of 3 stolen in 3 months on my street). It was recovered, trashed and damaged inside. The houses on either side of mine have been burglarized within the past 4 months - only a matter of time before mine is hit. I return home from work often at 1-2 a.m. and see a LOT of young people (teens) out at that time - in residential areas. Where the hell is parental responsibility? This town is becoming a cesspool for thugs, wanna-be's and has-beens. The "gang" problem is rampant. Insted of putting more damn circles in the streets, focus on what matters - and public safety is paramount. The Sheriff Officer told me that theis town is now known as "Little 'O'". Put that in your pipe and smoke it...
April 22, 2013
I have lived here 9 years and I now call Patterson.... EPA u figure it out. I can go on and on and on about what I see some teens do, adults do, and my new neighbors of the last 3 years do. This town is turning into a huge dump. It is very sad to see. I moved here becuase then it seemed people cared and had pride, now all I see is a lack of everything. Clue.... It all starts with the parents. Now that all these people have moved in a bottom prices this is what we receive, bottom people. It is a shame.
April 21, 2013
Very well said. It seems kids have no respect for anyone or anything. If they feel like breaking something up, why don't they just go home and do it to their parents stuff and see how far that goes.
April 21, 2013
I am in 100% agreement. These kids and even some parents these days dont have respect nor do they teach it. I like most of you work my butt off to get what I have and keep it nice. I have now had my SUV broken into twice, golf clubs stolen and my house attempted break in. I have also seen kids and parents walk by the park and the creek on American eagle and finish their drink and then throw it into the creek. I have yelled and the parents just keep walking. I understand that the Sheriffs have there hands full but if we dont do something soon Patterson will soon become another Westin Ranch.

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