Safe driving essential near schools
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I just returned from dropping my son off at the high school on the morning of Friday, Dec. 14. As I witnessed the driving habits of many near the schools, I thought that it’s a wonder there are not more accidents. Then I got on Facebook and someone asked for prayers for a child who was hit by a car in front of a school in Patterson.

Please, people, use a little common sense and courtesy when you drive, especially near the schools. While I was trying to proceed down Seventh Street, three people who had pulled up to drop off kids made illegal U-turns with very little regard to what was going on around them. There are signs in front of the schools that say “No U-turns.” Patterson is not so big that you can’t drive up a block out of your way and make your way to where you are going. There are so many circles now, getting turned around is actually pretty easy.

When you add these U-turns to the kids who are dropped off in the middle of the street, I’m amazed one isn’t hit every day. Patterson could probably pay for a new community center with the tickets cops could write in front of the schools.

Really, pay attention. The next kid that gets hurt could be someone you love.

Becky Long, Patterson
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