Talk Around Town: ‘Keep on keeping on’ in a positive way
by Maddy Houk | Patterson Irrigator
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Maddy Houk
Maddy Houk
This summer, I decided to do something for myself and lose weight by joining West Side Health Care Advisory Task Force’s Healthy Lifestyle contest, better known as the Biggest Loser.

As you might remember from “Talk Around Town” dated Thursday, Sept. 12, weight loss teams weighed-in at the Westside Theatre in Newman on Thursday, Aug. 22 and that was followed by a boxed lunch, speaker and healthy lifestyle information.

The summit, which is an annual event, is the brainchild of Stanislaus County District 5 Supervisor Jim De Martini, who, along with task force members, works to promote healthy lifestyles in the area.

I weighed-in with the Gustine team, because by the time I made up my mind to join the contest, I was too late to register with a Patterson team — they were all at their limit of 10 participants each.

Over the next two months, I dropped only 5 pounds, but I was at least going in the right direction. I wanted to feel better, lose weight and have more energy, which I now have.

Two months later, weigh-out day arrived on Thursday, Oct. 17 and I headed to the Patterson Joint Unified School District office where I weighed-out with my teammates from Gustine.

Teams of 10-members on each team stepped on the scale as a group for the official weight record for Biggest Loser posterity.

Patterson Health and Fitness team placed first and lost 120 pounds, while City of Newman came in second for shedding 71 pounds. Patterson Joint Unified School District’s team was lighter by 37.5 pounds and City of Patterson was down 35 pounds. My team was penalized because one team member didn’t show up for weigh-out and we tallied “plus 75.35 pounds.”

What! We were bummed. Not fair.

I don’t know the name of the person who didn’t attend the weigh-out, but I hope he is happy and healthy.

The Patterson Health and Fitness team received T-shirts and bragging rights for the year and all participants received certificates.

Meanwhile, I continue to move on, remembering my eighth-grade teacher who always told the class, “Keep on keeping on.”

Along the way on my fitness trail to good health, I talked to my buddy Carlos Garcia at Patterson Health and Fitness on North Third St. about an exercise program. Then, a few weeks later, had a conversation with Judy Dodd at Cross Fit on North First St.

The Cross Fit program fit my skill level the best. I can work around my bionic arm and my floaters-in-my eyes each day as needed.

Judy, who is oh-so-patient, as well as my exercise group in the 7 a.m. class are helpful. Some days my skill level is better than others, but we continue.

I joined Cross Fit at the beginning of October and attended class 15 times that month. I have not weighed myself since October 17, but I have dropped one clothing size.

And I feel better, healthier, have more energy and am moving along on the right track.

Thanks to all those readers who have asked how things are going and for the kind words of encouragement.

Maddy’s Talk Around Town column ran in the Patterson Irrigator for 22 years, ending in 2003. It was resurrected for this series of weight loss columns. Contact Maddy Houk at 892-6187, ext. 22, or

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