Teen Talk: Chaos in the classroom
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You can’t deny it—there’s quite a lot of people who cause chaos in their classes. These kids are throwing back remarks at their teachers, making insults at fellow classmates and not bothering to turn in their classwork.

And guess what? They get respected by students all around. I’ve always wondered why kids have always looked up to be these kinds of students. I guess kids these days really look up to rebels.

In my opinion, I think that teachers should really emphasize that our education that we are currently learning will determine our future! And teachers perhaps should not punish students more often, but maybe take away their privileges and encourage students to do well in class by giving out more rewards.

If every teacher can cooperate well with their students, they all might be able to succeed.

Farah Shuaib,

Seventh-grader at Creekside Middle School

Felt alone, taken advantage

Have you ever felt like you were downgraded because someone always gets special treatment? They think they should have special treatment because of their backstory, but that is a misconception on both the person themselves and the person giving the favoritism.

They think that because they have their “touching story” that they should get everything they wish for. They think that they have their advantages because of they deserve them, when they really don’t. They abuse them.

They don’t see how people feel about things in similar situations. Some of us don’t share our stories, even if they are really sad because we are different types of people. But some don’t mind sharing and reap a lot of benefits that should be shared by all conflicted persons.

These people are self-inflicted and really conceited. They only care about their selfish ways and their dictated story to be heard and taken advantage of. They are not so philosophical and don’t look at every single aspect of their life.

They need to look at life and see what they are giving back and persevere to make that improve their daily lives. Not coast on pity.

Gabriel Chadwick,

Eighth-grader at Creekside Middle School

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