Teen Talk: Moving forward
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Editor’s note: With the end of the school year comes new motives and uncertainty for many of Patterson’s youth. Here is a basic example of what their direction is life is aimed to be.

Now to the future

Five years from now I plan to be a special effects makeup artist. I plan to not only be well known where I live but all around the world all because of my good friend, YouTube. My work already is being noticed at school and YouTube, too. I’ve been able to get more views for my work than I’ve ever thought, and I’m proud of my accomplishments.

I think that my interests right now will be the same in the next five years. Because of that, I will attend cinema makeup school in Los Angeles. In the next five years, I will finally be able to drive and live on my own. As for the car… Honestly I’ll take any car I can get— maybe an old bug.

My two older siblings (blood relation) will be full grown adults. My sister will be 23 years old and my brother will be 21 years old. As for me, I’ll be 20. My sister has always been like a mother to me, so it will be nice to be an adult and speak to her like one. My brother… I’ll see him at family functions.

Life will be very different in the next five years, and I’m excited for it. I don’t think I’ll be as excited in the next 10 years though.

But I do plan to be very well known around the world within my industry and for my movie productions. I’ll finally be able to switch places with the idols I have today, and will be looked up to by younger artists.

In the next few years, things are expected to drastically change.

Gabriel Garcia,

Freshman at Patterson High School

End of the year

I have always loved and hated the last month of school. On one hand, school is about to end which is just awesome. On the other hand, you have to turn in all of your late work or your grades are not going to get any better.

I’ve been having daydreams of sleeping in, going to the pool, not worrying about homework. But they always end quickly when I remember there’s a stack of homework I’m right next to. I know on the last week of school, it’s basically food, movies and friends.

That week is usually tons of fun, but summer is what I actually look forward to the most! I just can’t wait to hear the sound of all my papers dropping into the trash can! But until then, I’m stuck trying to finish my never-ending stack of homework.

Yeah, I may sound like I’m over exaggerating, but homework has never been my friend, and I’m pretty sure everyone else feels the same way.

Now excuse me as I daydream of beaches and amusement parks.

Farah Shuaib,

Seventh-grader at Creekside Middle School

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