Time chugs forward
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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Here’s an idea.

Encourage Tesla to erect its 10 million-square-foot building here, only require that it cover its roof with solar panels. Then provide all of Patterson with free electric service.

Opportunities like this don’t come along every day. Remember where you read it first.

Speaking of Tesla, how do you figure the odds of the ambitious electric vehicle manufacturer locating its huge plant here? Fifty-to-one? Five hundred-to-one? Ten thousand-to-one? Those who don’t care for such a massive facility will willing choose the latter.

The truth is nobody seems to have a handle on it—neither city nor county officials, or maybe even Gov. Brown’s office, although Jerry appears to have pitched California back into the game. But it is the bottom of the ninth and it’s crunch time in the board room. It appears that the project is in scoring position and it’s all up to the guy at the plate.

Patterson does have a couple of points in its favor. Immediate site location is one—and that would be Jeff Arambel’s property off Rogers Road. The other is it’s a good location for manu-facturing lithium-ion batteries for Tesla’s Northern California auto production plant.

On the other side of the ledger is a lack of housing for an estimated 6500 employees, although the labor supply in the Central Valley is more than adequate. Many would drive to Patterson. And the city’s future supply of water is much in doubt. We won’t grow much more without that problem being solved.

Then there is the lack of other amenities—shopping, entertainment, up-scale dining establishment, etc. that attract upper management. After all, it is upper management that will be making the decision.

We shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.


That’s right, just two-plus more years before President Obama’s term expires. Then these disgusting e-mails lambasting him for everything under the sun will hopefully cease.

Whether you support the president or not, the average American must be as tired as I am of receiving these messages, many of them downright sickening. 90 percent of them I don’t open. The titles of the other 10 percent fool me.


Patterson has lost one of its two centenarians. Helen Maring died the other day at age 103 (see obituary in this issue). She would have observed another birthday on Sept. 9, and her death drops our 90-plus list to 75. The other longtime Patterson-Grayson resident is Bertha Criswell, who will turn 105 on Aug. 4.


Some 15 years ago, the now-defunct Knights of the Square Table would sadly commemorate June 13—the date the community lost the Del Puerto Hotel to a tragic fire.

The coffee group would move table and chairs onto the grass at the downtown site on which City Hall is now majestically located and spend the mid-morning in mourning. We often were joined by hotel owner Vee Hooper and Sharon Craven, the waitress who often served us our brew when the historic structure was still standing.

Just the other day I ran across photos of one of these gatherings. There sat Allister Allen, Johnny Farinha, Charles Lindner, Art and Bob Lorentz, Domingos and Stanley Farinha, Brent Bruce, Mike Petrie, Ron Roos, this scribe and, of course, Vee. The majority have departed.

How time relentlessly marches on.


This is the time of year when Patterson’s own Steve Reza starts to twitch and fidget. Yep, the 49ers will soon swing into action with their pre-season schedule in a spanking-new stadium before ardent fans that are willing to pay even bigger bucks this year.

I haven’t yet asked Steve for his 2014 prediction, but I know from past experience that as long as the Niners finish ahead of the Dallas Cowboys, he’ll be at least partially satisfied.

LeBron James, here’s a suggestion: Use 623 for a jersey number and solve your problem.


Here’s a suggestion sent to me by a regular reader:

In filling out an application, where it says “In case of emergency,” just put “Doctor.”

Yes, our readers are the best.

Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at ronkay@gvni.com.
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