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Missing the point


I thought your editorial on the subtlety of the River of Life Christian Fellowship’s “Friday Night Lights” missed the point of what the church is primarily trying to do. In a June 18 article, John Saiz wrote: “Ybarra said his faith in Jesus Christ was a major force in getting the event together, but promoting his church or beliefs isn’t the objective.”

It is my understanding that, through these events, the church is primarily trying to provide some wholesome, youth and family oriented activities for our community. Your editorial makes it sound like there is a dark, hidden agenda behind the church.

The Bible teaches us that we witness best through our deeds. Friday Night Lights is a good example of this. There is no need to beat attendees over the head about the church’s beliefs anymore than there would be by handing a hungry person some bread. The act says enough.

Thank you, to all involved in these events, for your hard work!

Gordon Barbosa, Patterson Church just loves people


I find it interesting that you would criticize the River of Life church for taking a low profile with the Friday Night Lights event. I imagine there are some Christians also criticizing the church for being too quiet about its involvement.

Jesus charged his followers to go out and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19) and later told them that the Holy Spirit would give them power to spread what they experienced with him to the ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8). That these commands are still relevant to Christians today is why I think some might like the church to be more blatant about its backing of the event.

But I want to remind those who would be tempted to pass judgment on the church of the ways in which our Lord Jesus operated. He did not do any miraculous works by first proclaiming he was the Messiah. He did not put any disclaimers on his desire to love people before accepting their invitation to a meal. He was motivated to love people and reveal God to them. He lived his life to do so.

I see this church doing the same thing. Its members want to spend their energy, time and money on an event that will benefit the community just because they love people. That is the true purpose.

Marci Morden, Patterson Checkpoints a misuse of resources


The sobriety checkpoints planned for Patterson in the coming weeks will serve to funnel limited state and federal grant money away from measures that have proven to be most effective in combating drunk driving.

Because they are highly visible by design and publicized in advance, roadblocks are all too easily avoided by the chronic alcohol abusers who comprise the core of today’s drunken driving problem.

Conversely, the number of DUI arrests made by roving patrol programs is nearly 10 times the average number of DUIs made by checkpoint programs, according to testimony by a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation official.

By focusing scarce law enforcement resources on roadblocks, Patterson Police Services will strip California’s roadways of their most valuable tool for catching drunken drivers. Paterson residents and taxpayers would benefit from employing the most effective tactics to catch drunken drivers: roving police patrols.

Sarah Longwell, Washington, D.C. Fast Talk will be missed


I believe this is only my second letter to the editor in our 20 years of life in Patterson — despite the ample issues we have had in town — but I just felt that I had to speak out against this latest action perpetrated against loyal Patterson Irrigator readers.

Ron Swift to end his column? Say it isn’t so!

No matter how studiously I avoided reading depressing news in the Modesto Bee, in stressful times, Ron Swift’s Fast Talk column was not to be missed.

This paper will have quite a task to fill his space with anything near as valuable. From one empathetic, newly unemployed person to another: Enjoy the lack of responsibility your free time can bring to you and HM, but we will miss your weekly contribution to our lives.

Nancy L. Miller, Patterson
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