Election 2010 Del Puerto Health Care Board candidate profile: Ramona East
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Ramona East
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Ramona East

Candidate for Del Puerto Health Care Board


What do you specifically plan to accomplish if you are elected to the Del Puerto Health Care district board? Why do you want to be on the board?

Thank you so much for providing the candidates with this opportunity to respond to questions related to the health care board. Upon review of the given questions, I decided to take these questions to the community and find out what they thought. I knocked on doors, met face to face with a random group of residents in the Patterson community and obtained their input.

This is consistent with my leadership style of a democratic system, (not autocratic) by allowing the people to speak and formulate decisions based on their input. If elected, I plan to be an ear for the community and a voice for them in the boardroom. This will be done with a team approach, recognizing that the board will consist of imperfect people like me. As a registered nurse with a degree from Biola University, I have worked as a director of nursing and have been instrumental in identifying problems and looking at creative ways to solve them and in bringing people together at all levels. I have written policy and procedure and recognize the importance of involvement of the entire team for any project to be successful.

Why do I want to be on the board? Why not? I'm running on an agenda of care and need for compassion for the people on the West Side. This includes the members of the Del Puerto Health Care Board.

What are the immediate needs for health care on the West Side? What needs to happen to bring those services to Patterson?

Upon interviewing people living on the West Side, I learned that the need for more free health seminars to educate the public about child and adult obesity was a concern. One voter also would like to see a free, community planned, after-school program that would be enjoyable for the youth and could focus on activities that could promote healthy lifestyles starting at a younger age.

Other voters felt the quality of care at some of the clinics need improvement. When probed for specifics, it was one of the private clinics, not Del Puerto. One voter articulated that her family was pleased with the hours at the health center and were frustrated with the emotionally driven responses to healthcare solutions, instead of utilizing an intelligent practical one by listening to the people of Patterson.

If elected as a member of the health care board, I would suggest a collaboration with the Patterson Parks Department and a focus group of interested residents (including youth) in the Patterson community and begin discussing the feasibility of implementing an after-school program that focused on promotion of health for our youth. I would continue to dialogue with other residents in the community regarding the quality of care received at all local clinics, suggest review of current policy and procedures and put a monitoring system in place to prevent re-occurrence.

What do you foresee for the future of health care on the West Side to support a future hospital or large-scale medical facility?

West Side voters felt the need for a hospital. Most residents didn’t understand why our old hospital closed. The voters didn’t see a need for a 24-hour clinic but would like to see extended weekend hours of the current health care center.

If I was elected to the Del Puerto Health Care Board, I would bring this information to the board members and suggest that we conduct meetings for the West Side community to address the need of a hospital and conduct a simple feasibility study (nothing costing money, just time by knocking on doors and asking key questions about the viability/need for a hospital in Patterson). I would also suggest review of the current health center hours and conduct a feasibility study. I would suggest involvement of the community and input at every phase.

Is the Del Puerto Health Care District doing all that it can to maintain a positive bottom line financially? If financial cuts should be made where should they happen?

The West Side residents I interviewed are OK with the way the finances are being managed with the Del Puerto Health Care District. Most of the voters I spoke to felt cuts should be made in the City Council.

As a resident of Patterson, I have attended several health care board meetings since announcing my candidacy. At the beginning of each meeting, you get a packet with financials that include a detailed breakdown with profit and loss statements.

Is the health care district doing all that it can to make its decisions transparent to the public? Are there any improvements that can be made in this area?

Some of the local voters I talked to felt that all the boards in Patterson need improvement in this area.

I believe that the health care district is doing all it can to make its decisions transparent to the public. Improvement is necessary to establish a greater level of trust in the political system in our town of Patterson.

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