Drive-by shooting unnerves west Patterson residents
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Two men fired several shots at a west Patterson home and sport utility vehicle late Wednesday morning, Sept. 7, before driving off in a green Nissan sedan, Patterson Police Services officials said.

Two people were inside the house on the 1400 block of Jake Creek Drive when the attack occurred at 11:45 a.m., but no one was injured. Police and witnesses say the motives for the shooting remain unknown.

“I was just inside the house cleaning,” Caroline Tupouata said. “We heard six gunshots. One went into the bedroom where my brother-in-law was.”

Neighbors came out running to see the commotion.

One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said she ran outside when she heard the shots.

“I saw a green car pull away nonchalantly,” she said.

The car headed east on Jake Creek Drive and around the corner south, she said.

Witnesses told police that two Latino men in their 20s were in a green Nissan sedan when they shot at the house and the vehicles in the driveway, Patterson Police Sgt. John Walker said. Six to eight shell casings from a handgun were recovered at the scene.

Most of the bullets from the gun struck a late-model Chevrolet Suburban in the window and left bullet holes on its side. Shattered glass from the vehicle covered the driveway and adjacent sidewalk.

One bullet traveled through the garage of the home, through a freezer and the adjacent wall and inside a bedroom, where it ricocheted off a dresser, mirror and another wall before resting on the floor, Walker said. One man was in the room at the time, but he was not close to the area where the bullet struck, Walker said.

Tupoata said she had no idea why someone would attack her house.

“There is no reason why this would’ve happened,” she said.

Police also are uncertain why the suspects committed the crime.

“There are no motives and nothing to indicate that the occupants were the targets at this point,” Walker said.

Six police units responded to the area immediately after receiving the call, but the green Nissan was never found. The incident remains under investigation.

Anyone with information can contact Patterson Police Services at 892-5071.

Nick Rappley can be reached at 892-6187 or

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September 11, 2011
Until people are really punished for the crimes they commit, we will never be safe. I have a friend that has very low-ifes living next door. They get busted in the morning and are back harassing the neighbors in the afternoon. Look at the recent rash of break-ins downtown. Even across the street from the police station. The crooks don't worry 'cause the cops don't seem to care.

As stated below, they are too busy writing fix-it tickets. Are they afraid of the real criminals?

I don't the the local police force will do what is needed. It is time we started tot ake things in to our own hands. The city administration and the local police force have decided not to serve and protect. It is time for us to do it ourselves.

My friend is so close to taking things in to his own hands it is beginning to scare me. He will end up doing time while the scumbags are free. When arrested, they don't do time, it is the citizens that are fed up with the scumbags that do the time.

This is what has become of our society, when the scumbags have more rights than the ordinary citizens.

September 11, 2011
I have lived in Patterson 25 yrs and its getting to be like the big towns you hear on the news,its really sad, and on top of that the cops are too busy giving fix it tickets rather than taking care of business.Robberies are rampent, come on Patterson sherifs and police get these thugs out.
September 07, 2011
wow...I have notice Patterson has been getting a peak in crime activity. Time to beef up the patterson PD

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