Auburn police: Patterson players involved in racially charged fight
by PI Staff
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School administrators and emergency first responders tend to a female Auburn minor injured following the fight that involved intoxicated Auburn youth and the PHS football team between the Placer High football field and locker rooms.--photo by Elias Funez/Patterson Irrigator
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Patterson football players were involved in a fight directly after the football section playoff game between Patterson and Placer high schools on Nov. 11, according to Auburn police.

Unidentifiable Patterson High football players were involved in a fight after a racial epithet was directed toward the team as players exited the field toward the locker room area, police said. No players were implicated or charged because they could not be identified due to their football uniforms and equipment, according to police.

A 14-year-old Auburn boy directed the epithet at the team, and a skirmish began. Police found one of the offender’s friends on the ground after they broke up the fight, according to reports. A female juvenile was seen being loaded by stretcher into an ambulance nearby.

The boy who spoke the slur is not a student at Placer High, and neither was his friend, according to police, but the 14-year-old has been directed to a juvenile probation program because the fight was started at a school facility, police indicated.

Patterson High School Principal Dave Stubbs called the incident unfortunate but had no other details on the incident.

Attempts to reach Nick Marchy, the Patterson High head football coach, have been unsuccessful.

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November 26, 2011
I'm a football player at the high school we didn't change our program the only thing that is different is our coaches I bet everyone who got in a fight this year are sorry next year will be different tho come out and soport us next year thank you

November 28, 2011
A bunch of hoodlums.. No respect for nothing or anyone. I agree the school seems afraid to deal with a lot of the student issues. I hear kids come to class stoned and smelling like weed and the teachers do nothing about it. Why is the PHS staff so afraid of the students?
November 24, 2011
This is not surprising at all. With the way discipline is handled at the high school now, it only makes sense that the players involved (and the coach) aren't held accountable. Someone should look into the number of drug-related offenses that are brought to Admin's attention and how many of those kids have been expelled. My son mentioned that a couple boys were caught smoking pot in a girls' restroom and they only got 5 days suspension...and one of them is on the basketball team now. PHS has fallen hard in the last 6 months.
November 29, 2011
Discipline starts in the home. PHS is no different then any other high school in this country. The administration and staff do the best to play the cards that they are dealt.Kudos to you for having the lines of communication open with you child. It sounds like you have a good kid and that will serve him well....he will be just fine in PHS.

As for this situation, racism cuts deep. We can teach our kids what racism is but the real trick comes in teaching them how to deal with it when they are faced with it. Work in progress.
November 23, 2011
Is anyone at all shocked that this made the news? First at Los Banos, then at Central Catholic, and now at Auburn.

One rumour I heard was that our kids were disrespectful before the game to thier hosts. Even before the racial slur was sent in the direction of our kids, they had already worn out their welcome in Auburn.

Is anyone in charge of this team? They used to walk with their heads held high and with dignity and respect. Now our football team is just known for everything previous staffs tried to eliminate.

The team now has a very long road ahead of it if it wants to earn any respect. A program that had recently been built up has now been tarnished.

November 23, 2011
I think it's a little late to be hitting the paper. Should have been in the paper the next day. PHS reputation is back to being hoodlums. Basketball season will prob continue the same way. Sorry PHS you've lost a fan.
November 23, 2011
"Attempts to reach Nick Marchy, the Patterson High head football coach, have been unsuccessful."

One would think that the coach would do everything he could to put a positive spin on this. I guess that isn't the case here.

I am very saddened about what has become of the representative of our community. The football program should be setting the example of Patterson. Instead, they are showing the surrounding communities everything that is wrong with Patterson.

I understand that a racial epithet was made to the Patterson team, but it is the men in the world that ignore them. The punks use it as an excuse to start a fight.

It was said after the Los Banos game that something needed to be done. Apparently, the football staff felt, and probably still feel, that the boys did nothing wrong.

Something needs to be done. What has become of the football program is no way, representative of Patterson.

But hey, men will be men, boys will be boys, and as we have seen from some of the kids, punks will be punks.

I heard from a friend in Auburn that one of our kids was swinging his helmet as a weapon. That was what harmed one of the injured. Way to represent Patterson there boys.

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