City Council responds justifiably to wrongs
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Since beginning my time on the City Council, I have always made it my objective to serve my community well and do what is asked of me. I do not expect everyone in the community to know me on a personal basis, but those who do are steadfast in the knowledge that I have had, have and will always continue to have the city in my best interests. When complicated or controversial issues have arisen in the past, there have been a number of occasions where I wanted to respond to articles in the paper, but decided against it because I am not the type of person who requires or seeks media attention. To constantly have my name in the paper and my life in the spotlight week after week either by design or accident has never been and will never be my directive for being on the council. The habitual limelight in the press may caress the egos of others, but it is not why I decided to sign up for public service.

While I am not a journalist, I believe it is common knowledge that a newspaper has a duty to thoroughly research the facts and report objectively and not take sides or throw petty punches in the interest of selling newspapers or purposely fueling the political fires. It is obvious that the talking heads behind last week’s Our Voice editorial (“Personal lawsuits poor use of money,” Page 10, Feb. 2) displayed some spirited disapproval toward the council-wide decision to provide justified legal representation in response to the Grand Jury report. What was conveniently absent, though, was any reference to the carte blanche budget that was granted to the Stanislaus County Civil Grand Jury, also paid for by taxpayers. It was this same pot of taxpayer money that was flagrantly wasted to conceive, fabricate and print lies, falsehoods and deceptive specters of truth on an unprecedented scale to finance a political witch hunt by individuals who do not like us personally. Where is the hysterical outcry from the masses addressing that gross inequity?

It is imperative and due time that the public understand that none of the council members did anything to provoke these sinister and erroneous allegations by grand jury members or anyone alike in the accusation-throwing game. It certainly was not the city’s initial desire to utilize professional resources to combat what the grand jury callously threw in its face, but as it is with any complicated challenge or frivolous attack that a municipality is faced with, legal costs become a standard byproduct of defending itself. I refuse to be a victim in this ridiculous David-versus-Goliath game some people want to play. If you were placed into our situation and walked in our shoes, you would be seeking the same resolve to rectify and remedy a wrong that had been done towards you.

• Dominic Farinha, who serves as vice mayor, has been a member of the Patterson City Council since 2007.

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February 12, 2012
Me thinks he doth protest too much!
February 11, 2012
$37,000 for this response?! waste of money!

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