Patterson's Past
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25 years ago — March 5, 1987

City Council members and planning commissioners may soon take a tour of Pleasanton business parks to garner ideas on how to handle growth. Local resident and consultant Howard Sword is arranging the tour.

A new Patterson map will soon be printed by the Chamber of Commerce, the city contributing half the $3,000 cost.

Melissa Petz and Ana Marie Stehli have won a district-wide spelling bee and will represent Patterson school in the upcoming county event.

Patterson High seniors Cathy Jurevich and Afa Roberts have been named to the all-TVL first team, while Tony Lomeli is the league’s co-coach of the year. Teresa Davis was honored with a second-team selection.

Senior Matt Lara set a school wrestling record with 37 wins against only four defeats. As a team, the Tigers placed sixth in the section, ahead of such teams as Oakdale, Elk Grove, Turlock and Merced. Hugo Culebro (101) was second, and Juan “J.J.” Jimenez (108) placed fourth. Both will go on to the state tournament.

50 years ago — March 1, 1962

The Chamber of Commerce is pushing for low-rent housing for farm workers in the Westley area.

The Lions Club is constructing an 18-foot barbecue pit in the north park.

Texas privet trees will soon be planted in large pots to be placed on downtown streets by the 20-30 Club. Carol Raven, president of the Garden Club, presented a check from her organization to defray a portion of the cost.

Daniel Rezendes and Joe Benson have been hired as local police patrolmen, starting at $358 a month.

75 years ago — March 5, 1937

Local firemen are weighing purchase of a new fire engine, its cost estimated at $6,500. The present engine was built in 1914 and has been overhauled many times.

New trees are being planted along Las Palmas Avenue between Elm Avenue and the river. Eucalyptus trees between the palms have been removed. New trees along city streets also are being planted by Street Superintendent Carl Busengdal.

Patterson’s limited basketball team won the section title by beating Modesto High, then lost to Armijo High in the Central California playoffs.

100 years ago — Feb. 29, 1912

Many orchards are being planted in the Patterson Colony. The tree crops include paper-shell pecans, English walnuts, figs, prunes, apricots and peaches. The soil and weather here are said to be ideal for orchard crops.

An editorial in this newspaper quotes another publisher as saying, “A newspaper is a thing which everyone in town knows how to run except the editor.…”

Patterson is experiencing a rash of board jumpers who skip town without paying their dining bills. The latest are two brothers who owe Lee’s restaurant $18. They also owe G.F. Owens $14 for rent of a tent in which they lived while here.

A new clothing store being opened this week by A. Solomon will be called The Patterson.

Laura A. Kennedy has the distinction of being the first Patterson woman to register to vote. Registration just began here, and this newspaper reported this count: “10 Republicans, 6 Democrats, 1 Socialist, and 2 nincompoops.”

— Irrigator archives

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