Claims of race, gender violation appear unfounded
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Regardless of one’s stance on Superintendent Esther Corral-Carlson’s performance with the Patterson Joint Unified School District during the past year and a half, most folks could probably agree it’s unfortunate matters ever had to come to this point.

It seems many teachers and staff felt they were not getting anywhere by approaching the superintendent about their ideas. In turn, they brought complaints to the school board, which opted Monday, April 2, to terminate her position next month.

While many teachers complained that Corral-Carlson had engaged in micromanaging and many questioned her funding priorities, she generally had done a commendable job in terms of interfacing with the public, at least in terms of promoting the district. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.

At the same time, while it’s hard to gauge the legitimacy of some of the legal claims she has made against the district this week, one thing is clear: her contention that race and gender bias contributed to her dismissal is misguided.

It’s important to keep in mind that the four trustees who voted to dismiss Corral-Carlson were all women. While two male Latino trustees abstained from the vote, the only trustee to outright oppose her departure was Bruce Kelly, a white male.

Furthermore, several female teachers and staff reportedly wrote letters to the school board expressing concerns about her leadership. Many of these teachers saw Corral-Carlson’s gender and bilingual capabilities as an asset, not as a liability.

Certainly, race and gender bias continue to play a role today in many arenas today, despite major strides that have been made in American society. That’s why it’s particularly troubling to see Corral-Carlson playing the race and gender card, when that so obviously has nothing to do with this case.

When frivolous claims are made regarding discrimination, it contributes to public skepticism about all such claims.

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April 06, 2012
Very well articulated.

Not sure about the obvious part though.

The only thing obvious is that race discrimination is very evident in our Valley. What is not obvious is if race was or was not a major factor in Esther's departure.

Unfortunately you are right about many people jumping to the race card that make it difficult for legitimate claims to be taken seriously.

My opinion is that how interesting that Patterson recently had new members on the Board as of December, they are all White, and they made this decision rather quickly with few teachers and staff complaining (a dozen or so). Simply interesting.
April 06, 2012
Mr. Carlson, I mean StanislausStanislaus,

The only thing obvious with you and your wifes claim of racism and gender bias is that you both have your heads in the sand. Esther wasn't called to task for her gender, or her ethnicity, she was being brought up for review for a complete and utter screw up of her duties. When this case goes to court, and the District's defense and FACTS prove without a shadow of a doubt that Esther screwed everything up, who will you blame then?

You are making a fool out of yourself by claiming the school board discriminated. You really believe they would set themselves up for a LEGITIMATE lawsuit by doing this? Esther should have been fired with cause, I would even make a case that the district should sue for breach of contract on her part. She was packing her office and high tailing it before the board even made a decision, great character traits there btw.

In closing, you said a handful of teachers complained, again it goes to show how little you truly know. 1 letter was sent to the school board with most of the high school staff's signatures. There alone is over 30. That is not including any of the other school sites that had numerous teachers, classified staff, aides, etc.

Esther's and your claims are baseless, spineless, and an insult to everyone who has LEGITIMATELY had gender bias or racism imposed on them. Claims like this set real claims back years because of clowns who cannot own up to their mistakes and in the end screw over the children they were hired to serve. Bravo!

April 06, 2012
Patterson isn't the whole valley...its our small but amazing community. Discrimination on race and gender is a joke. And a bad one at that. Using this as a go to card is tasteless and in no way beneficial to our school district. making the whole race and gender law suit is seriously ... Well for lack of a better term.....LAME.
April 06, 2012
@ droptheexcuses....VERY WELL SAID THANK YOU!!

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