Politicians' actions matter
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Recently, President Barack Obama told the Russian president after the coming election he would have more flexibility. For what? And why only after the election? Is the president of the United States saying he must say one thing to get elected so he can then do something else? Is he saying it is permissible to lie to the American voters in order to win? Unfortunately, this corruption is rampant in American politics today. As an electorate, we must go beyond the mere words of a candidate and investigate what he or she has actually done. There is a saying, if one really wants to know what someone believes, look at their calendar and their checkbook.

This year’s election for president and other state and local races is crucial and could very well be the most important for the future of our nation and state. Significant decisions will be made in the next few years, such as national health care, high-speed rail and certain appointments to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Who do you want making those decisions on your behalf? Someone who will “have more flexibility after the election” or someone who says what they mean and are in fact who they present themselves to be?

Pay attention to the candidates and investigate them. Listen to what they say and then honestly ask yourself if what they say matches what they have done. Pay attention this year. It matters a great deal.

Jack Mobley, Merced

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