Planner offers clarification
by Patterson Irrigator
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In the interest of accuracy, your editorial of Jan. 24 requires some correction.

I am proud to have been appointed Dec. 2 by a 4-0 vote of the City Council to fill a planning commission vacancy that left some very big shoes. At my appointment, the reasons expressed were my planning experience, covering more than 30 years and hundreds of projects, and a focus on our planning challenges in an uncertain future.

Planning is an art at best, and everyone’s predictions, assumptions and hopes are challenged daily. But Patterson is in the right place, it’s a great town and we have a very bright future.

I am honestly sorry I will only have a few more meetings with Luis Molina and Elias Funez. I appreciate Luis’ quiet thinking and Elias’ extraordinary energy. But I will be proud to serve alongside the four other citizens appointed by the City Council. I have never met David Applegate and met K.D. Rookard once, after her appointment. I wish them both well and welcome. There is much to discuss and much to do, and I will commit my best judgment to the long-term benefit of the city and people of Patterson.

Your Jan. 24 editorial welcomed our new commissioners to “Patterson politics,” and I understand your general reference. However, the planning commission specifically needs to be nonpolitical, or as much as two or more humans can be. I hope recent divisions and upset can be calmed, and the media and community refocus on the very real challenges ahead of us.

You also stated that I work in Mayor Becky Campo’s office. This is simply not true. I work for myself from my home, under an approved home office use permit and city business license. Concerning my part-time real estate work, my broker rents space in the same building as the mayor, as do other businesses. I don’t have an office there, and (as my broker reminds me) I appear there rarely.

I see the mayor far less frequently than the hundreds of Patterson residents she seems to know. I do not work for or with the mayor or any other members of the council. Let’s all replace false assumptions, anger and innuendos with accurate information and good-faith communications as we move forward.

Thank you for this opportunity. Let’s all work to pull Patterson together, not apart, and celebrate 100 years of challenges and community cooperation by properly planning for the future.

Ron West, Patterson Planning Commission
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