Sources fuel theories about Kennedy assassination
by Earl Hiatt | For the Patterson Irrigator
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Earl Hiatt
Earl Hiatt
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Over the years, much has been written on the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and there are a couple of new sources that add more fuel to the fire.

Although it has been almost 50 years since his death, information is still slowly emerging as to the real cause, and it is my opinion that those who still think he was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald (per the Warren Commission Report) should have their heads examined.

The subtitle of one recent book, “Mary’s Mosaic” by Peter Janney — “The CIA conspiracy to murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and their vision for world peace” — gives you a pretty good idea of what the author thinks happened.

According to this source, Meyer and JFK were lovers for the last two years of his life, in spite of that Camelot baloney, and she was pushing him toward world peace instead of war. Unfortunately, within a year of his death, she was also murdered, with the government desperately trying to pin the blame on a poor black guy who just happened to be nearby. This book shows where the real power in Washington lies, and how you can murder people and get away with it.

As an example of what I mean, early in 1963, a federal judge ruled that the University of Alabama had to accept black students, but then Gov. George Wallace stood in the doorway and basically said “no way.” Then Kennedy, enforcing a federal judge’s ruling, federalized the Alabama National Guard and forced Wallace to step aside.

In 2003, the CIA was sued and a federal judge ruled that it had to turn over the records of George Joannides, a secondary figure in the JFK story. At the present time, the agency is still resisting the release of 330 records on him, declaring that the information cannot be released because of national security.

As an aside, “national security” is also the sorry excuse used to stop the release of information the government has on just how much President Franklin Delano Roosevelt really knew before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. So much for honest government.

To reach the second source, go to on the Web. In the lower left of the Future of Freedom Foundation website is a box where you can type in “Kennedy autopsy 12” and hit “search,” and “The Kennedy Autopsy, Part 12 by Jacob G. Hornberger” comes up. Click on that, and the complete Kennedy assassination list comes up, and you get a few hours of interesting reading.

These articles cover a multitude of things that happened contrary to what the powers that be told us happened. Here are a few examples: missing autopsy photographs, missing autopsy X-rays, forged skull X-rays, two missing brain exams, a rewritten autopsy report and multiple other occurrences that lead a person to think the assassination of JFK was an inside job.

Texas law requires an autopsy before a body leaves the state, and the doctor in charge at the hospital was determined to proceed with JFK’s autopsy, but the CIA would have none of that. With guns drawn, they forced the doctor to step aside and removed JFK’s body from the hospital.

Why was the CIA out in force in Dallas on that day, and who put them in charge of JFK’s body?

• Patterson resident Earl Hiatt is a semiretired agri-businessman whose major interests are nutrition, economics and religion. He can be reached by email at

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