Choose to seek God, his will for your life
by Ken Hasekamp
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Choose to seek God, his will for your life

This has been a wild weather time in our normally predictable part of the world. On June 15, it was 105 degrees for the inaugural Patterson Car Show put on by our church. One week later, it was a beautiful, too-cool-for-swimming 75 degrees.

People asked me, “Why did you plan your car show on the hottest day of the year?”

My response was, “We just picked the day. God provided the heat.”

In my life, things are as predictable as the weather has been lately — in other words, a wild ride that one can never quite get hold of completely. In so many ways, I am not in control. That does not mean that I don’t have a stake in my future. As I have been teaching for years, “Decisions have consequences; decisions mean something.” With the help of Spirit and the Bible, we must do our best to make good decisions that affect our lives and those around us.

Here is a passage that I use often when we talk about the uncertainty of life: James 4:13-15. It keeps our lives in the proper perspective. God is eternal and in control of things around us that we can’t always understand due to our humanness. Our lives on Earth are but a vapor that appears for a while, meaning we have limited time in this life (Psalm 103:13-16 and Job 14:1-2).

Rather than sit around and worry about what is coming next, we have a choice. First, we can choose to seek God and his will for our lives (Matthew 6:31-34). This will involve growing a faith in Jesus, his Risen Son. That involves admitting that we are not in control and growing a trust in Christ. Second, we can then go out into this uncertain world with a boldness that defies what is going on around us (Joshua 1:9 and Jeremiah 29:11-12).

If you do this, you can walk through life knowing that you are not alone. It means acknowledging the existence of the God of the Christian Bible, then learning to live and love like his Son, Jesus the Christ.

Next, adopt the Golden Rule as your personal living philosophy (Luke 6:31) and live by the Great Commandment, putting God and your neighbor first in your life (Matthew 22:36-40).

Living all this out in your life does not mean all will be rosy and wonderful. People who love Jesus and their neighbor still get cancers, lose their jobs and experience other hardships. But, they never get knocked down all the way. Why? Their hope is in a loving Savior who conquered death, so what do they really have to worry about? (I Corinthians 15:50-58.) Jesus is always more reliable than the weather.

See you around Patterson, neighbors. Enjoy the day.

n The Rev. Ken Hasekamp is minister of Adventure Christian Fellowship. Sermon Notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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