A pleasant getaway
by Ron Swift | Patterson Irrigator
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A weeklong trip to Oregon to visit relatives — with three of those days spent on the road — certainly can’t qualify as a vacation.

Nevertheless, it was a pleasant getaway. And let me point out that Oregonians no longer require Californians to enter their beautiful state with a 30-day visa. In fact, you can now stay as long as you want.

We experienced two highlights on the trip. One was visiting the 37th annual Quilt Show at Sisters in the Bend area. The show advertised no less than 1,300 dazzling quilts, many for sale and most hanging outside business establishments. We saw about 60, only 4 percent of those on display, before a well-up-and-pour-down thunderstorm hit Sisters.

You’ve never seen show organizers move so fast talking down those beautiful quilts.

And we stopped at an alpaca ranch where the animals had recently been shorn. It took me back to an idea shared with former Pattersonite Mike Petrie, who at one time served on our City Council.

Mike and I jointly came up with a plan to save Patterson a big chunk of money. Graze alpacas in our city parks to cut down maintenance; sell their wool; market their fertilizer; rent them out for parades; and build a petting zoo with a small admission charge.

I’m probably forgetting a few other uses, but you get the idea.

Odds and ends

We also enjoyed six days without TV and suffered no withdrawal systems.

I returned home to 108 emails (slightly below our daily average) and a stack of snail mail that included four sets of mailing labels and my first 2013 calendar, among the many requests for money. Don’t know about you, but I really get turned off when money is spent to send me gifts hoping that I will return more money.

In our absence, Patterson’s gum-on-the-sidewalks problem only got worse. Just check out our downtown sidewalks, and you’ll see what I mean. Can’t gum chewers hold it in until they run across a receptacle? Apparently not.

It is reported that City Hall has received numerous questions about when Patterson’s downtown museum will reopen. Interior renovation in the Center Building by the Patterson Township Historical Society and volunteers has been steadily progressing since just after the Apricot Fiesta. Displays were packed up and moved and wall hangings taken down before interior painting commenced, and now the Patterson Lions Club has started putting down flooring.

Look for the museum to reopen in another four to five weeks.

Cut the cake

A good friend of many Pattersonites, our Apricot Lady Joyce Barfuss, gets added to our 90-plus list this week, upping its count to 65. She completed her ninth decade July 16.

A longtime Patterson resident, Joyce now lives in Castro Valley but retains an avid interest in just about anything happening here.

For the sports fan

Up in Oregon, the sport of lacrosse is becoming popular at the high school level.

If you’ve watched college lacrosse on TV, you know that it’s a fast sport that requires a minimum of equipment when compared with football. Big bulky players are rarely seen on a lacrosse field, and serious injuries are minimal.

By the way, have you noticed that all bike riders in the Tour de France wear helmets, even when not legally required? Hint, hint…

And during the tour, we haven’t seen much of Bob “Spokie” Kimball. The local rider has probably been glued to the tube.

And finally…

In an Oregon antique store was this sign:

“A young boy’s mother gets no rest from son up to son down.”

And as all Patterson mothers are aware, the fall school term begins in just four weeks.

n Ron Swift is editor/publisher emeritus of the Patterson Irrigator. He can be reached at ronkay@gvni.com.

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