Scattered carts show no civic pride
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Dear community: Am I the only one? I am seeing more grocery carts in almost in every corner of our town. Do we not care what our community looks like?

What should be done to keep our community nice and clean? For one, whoever uses those carts should return them promptly. Two, the owners should be watching their carts more closely. And lastly, before Walmart opens, may all the store owners come up with some kind of solution to this problem.

Let’s take pride in our community. Let’s keep it clean.

Dora Lomeli, Patterson

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July 19, 2012
You are not the only one, not by far. The other day I drove by a woman walking down Shearwater with a cart full of groceries with her kids in tow. Several homes along that streets have carts parked in their driveways. Carts aren't cheap - often $200-300 and up - so you'd think retailers would want to keep their costs in check.

If it would be cost-effective, I'd like to see our retailers go the route of Winco and install sensors that would make the cart wheels lock up once they reach the end of the parking lot. That would go a long ways towards solving the problem, although it's definitely an up-front cost. However, these are multi-million dollar chains - this should be a drop in the bucket.
July 21, 2012
You know, taking carts from the store parking lot is theft. It's no different than taking something from the store without paying for it. They have carts you can purchase for your own own use, my mother used to use one. Maybe someone should start telling the store managers to check it out. After a few people get busted maybe they will stop taking them.

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