Eleven years later
by Edward Jimenez
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Never forget, always pray, keep hoping, learn from the past and be a better person for the future. Out of the ashes, America has risen as a nation, but not for some: The families who lost loved ones when the Twin Towers collapsed are still coping with the loss.

Even now, looking back, it’s still hard looking at 9/11 videos, taken on that terrible day 11 years ago. My, how fast time passes by — but ask the families of the victims of 9/11 and they would tell you it is as if it happened yesterday.

On that day, people were in the Twin Towers for many different reasons; some were there for just another workday. Others were there to help — the New York police force and fire departments, for example. Those men and women gave their lives for strangers they knew nothing about.

I salute those brave women and men who gave their lives to see someone else survive. Not just those who gave their lives that day, but also the civil servants everywhere around America who give their lives every day, that others might live.

I salute Patterson Police Department, Patterson Fire Department and all other organizations that help make our cities a better and safer place to live in. May God Almighty shine upon you all; you truly are heroes. May his blessings follow you, wherever you go.

Wherever you may be today, if you see a police officer, fire department member or emergency rescue person, don’t forget to salute them, for their dedication and the hard work they do and for putting their lives on the line that we have a better tomorrow.

Even though it’s been 11 years, people weep when they watch videos of that dreadful day. I did. I imagine decades from now people will still weep.

But we keep hoping, we keep believing and we keep trusting. God bless America.

The Rev. Edward Jimenez is pastor of The Pentecostals of Patterson. Sermon Notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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