City picks wrong battle
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I miss Liberty Market, and no round-the-way mom-and-pop store will ever compare, especially to the former store’s Chinese deli.

Having got that off my chest, it’s funny the way this town picks its battles. The new Patterson Food Center is being challenged about the mural they have facing the parking lot. I know it probably was decided what would happen there long ago, but I have not heard anything more about it.

The mural is advertising Marquez Bros. Mexican cheese. It was thought the mural was too big for the sign ordinance here in town. I agree most of the large words and company slogans can be painted over, since there is a smaller brand label painted off to the side. Take all those words off and what’s left is some cows, grass and sky. The mural is professional, colorful and attractive. Maybe they could have thrown a few apricot trees in there. It could be any farm around the area.

If you look in the huge windows, you can’t see in the store. They are covered to the ceiling with products of Pepsi, El Mexicano ice pops, charcoal, Squirt soda, Aquafina water and Ariel toilet paper rolls. This looks so bad. The worse part is that the building is facing the highway.

If they didn’t have the mural, maybe they would go back to the previous store owner’s huge pieces of butcher paper with the weekly specials scribbled on them.

We need to support businesses that are choosing Patterson. It is a nice store and is always full of customers. Obviously, they filled a need, and it had been so long that we could run to the corner store for a staple we ran out of. To our surprise, they have good prices on some items. The food is fresh.

My husband would like to know why there is a huge mural in back of the bank, advertising the Apricot Fiesta, and the city. That thing is at least 15 square feet or larger. So if anyone knows how that all turned out, please let me know.

Mona Guzman and family, Patterson

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