God is calling
by Scott Van Bibber | For the Patterson Irrigator
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Did you finish yours yet? You know — complete your ballot, mail it in. Or are you waiting for Nov. 6 so you can get a little sticker?

In whatever way you believe, surely you would agree that we were called as a nation. We’ve somehow been called to be a nation that has found and led others to find a freedom to grow and mature as a nation with wonderful gifts — one of which is to be informed and independently vote for leaders we believe should lead our nation. Be sure you pray and consider whom those people should be. Then, whoever is elected we pray for and do all we can to make this country better.

Now that we’ve said something about the obvious, it’s time to talk about the less obvious.

God is calling us — to what?

Let’s get beyond our everyday lives. Let’s get beyond the importance of next week. Let’s consider the importance of what God is calling us to. What is that? As aliens, we have another leader who influences us. Jesus has changed our lives to such an extent that our influence is not only to make our country and world a better place, but to build another society within our own. How’s that?

A world that keeps looking for love, peace or joy cannot find it in a legislator’s vote, a presidential executive order or assistance that ends all too soon. Those things may help, but real love, joy and peace can only come through the One who can change our lives for the better. If you’re one who has been changed, you know that his love, peace, and joy not only change lives; he also changes marriages, he changes families, he changes attitudes, he heals, he intervenes, he offers new life and hope.

He calls us to something more than our own churches. He calls us beyond our own agendas. He is calling us to make the place where we live a community of love, a community of peace and a community of joy.

A vote cannot do this — only Jesus can.

A government cannot do this — only in the Kingdom of God can this be found.

A country’s constitution or army cannot do this. Only a person with the passion to love as Jesus loves, to spread peace as Jesus does and to share the joy that Jesus has given can make a difference in our community, our state and our country.

The Rev. Scott Van Bibber is pastor of New Hope Church of the Nazarene. Sermon Notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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