Prop. 30 helps college students
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Proposition 30 increases taxes on earnings of more than $250,000 for seven years and increases sales tax by 25 cents for four years. As a current college student, I can’t afford to pay more money for tuition. I want this proposition to pass because it would help me and other current college students.

Prop, 30 would help fund extra programs for primary and secondary schools. Prop. 30 can also help balance the California debt.

Education is key to be able to succeed in society, so if we can’t afford to go to college, then we can’t really succeed in this society. Even though a lot of people are against Prop. 30, it will help balance our debt and help the next generation.

The League of Women Voters of California, California teachers and law enforcement professionals believe Prop. 30 “prevents deep school cuts.”

Without Prop. 30, our schools and colleges face an additional $6 billion in devastating cuts. Prop. 30 is the only initiative that prevents those cuts and provides billions in new funding for our schools starting this year — money that can be spent on smaller class sizes, up-to-date textbooks and rehiring teachers. In the process, students will be successful.

If Prop. 30 doesn’t pass, college courses will be cut, and it will be difficult for students to get the classes they need in order to stay on track and graduate in four years.

We should vote yes on Prop. 30 to lower college students’ tuition and allow them to have the courses they need in order to graduate in a timely manner.


Yvonne Gomez, Patterson

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