In need of moral backbone
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Reading the recent article about Councilwoman Sheree Lustgarten and the more recent letter from Annette Smith regarding Lustgarten prompted me to write (“Opponents say councilwoman’s past does not excuse omission,” Page 3, Jan. 10; “Councilwoman apologizes for campaign misstep,” Page 3, Jan. 17; “No license to lie,” Your Voice, Page 10, Jan. 17).

Political gaffes, lies or mistakes are becoming common in the election process, as in many areas of government, morality, integrity and principle have become a thing of the past.

Politically correct language and actions are moving into the Central Valley with the intent of erasing good old traditional values. If you believe in value, you are considered extreme and intolerant, which is the furthest thing from the truth.

I have witnessed severe domestic violence first hand growing up and would never disregard the effects it has on anyone, but I would never consider that as an excuse to lie about my past.

To any honest person with any common sense, Lustgarten outright lied intentionally either to hide her past or out of fear it would disqualify her from future plans. To end the article by jumping on the bullying bandwagon shows how far we as a society have fallen from grace.

Being a sinner myself — as we all are — I want only to point to something that is becoming too common in our society.

Moral absolutes are becoming a thing of the past, where good is bad and bad is good and where lying is something everyone does.

If we don’t get back to realizing that an anything-goes society is an unhealthy place to live, stories like this will become an everyday occurrence. Even worse, future generations will learn there are no consequences to lying, cheating or doing whatever is deemed necessary to get what one wants. And we will get the government we deserve, filled with individuals who only say what they think people want to hear while manipulating the system for their benefit.

I ask all who truly love this country to stand up to bullying from liberal ideology and political correctness that aims to take away any evidence of God.

I will end my opinions with a line from country singer Justin Moore’s song “Good Ole American Way”: “Somebody with a backbone please stand up!”

Diane Griego, Patterson

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January 25, 2013
It is hard to champion absolute morality without also supporting slavery, forcing raped women to marry their rapist, stoning of homosexuals and killing people work working on Saturday. If you are against these, then you are against the morality set up by God in the Old Testament.

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