Bilingualism is good business
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In response to Kimberly Wilson in her letter (“No, I don’t speak Spanish,” Your Voice, Page 11, Feb. 7): Though I do understand your frustration toward having to “bend over backwards and be accommodating,” you cannot just pour your frustrations out on the businesses and their hiring requirements. Just as a bank would obviously hire someone with the right mathematical qualifications or degrees, Patterson’s businesses need to hire people who are able to meet their own qualifications, one of them being to be able to communicate with their largest consumer group — Latinos.

Being bilingual is a great job skill, no matter where you live and no matter what company you may be applying for. I’m sorry to say that if you do not know Spanish, you are simply underqualified as a candidate, and that is not the employer’s fault. If you really are trying to get a job, then it’s good to make your résumé look as appealing to the employer as possible. Being bilingual in both English and Spanish falls under that category.

I hope your job hunt goes better. Buena suerte. (Good luck.)

Paola Solorio, Patterson

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