Target too divisive
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Recently, some present and past city leaders and staff members of Scotts Valley have been taken to task by several local residents about their participation in the solicitation of Target. After reading our city’s Economic Development Plan, I find this reprimand duly deserved, and I too wonder, "What were they thinking?"

It’s not that Target doesn’t meet just some of the plan; it falls short in so many areas that it seems obvious Target is not a good match for Scotts Valley, regardless of the location. Target did not just come knockin’ at Scotts Valley’s door. It was solicited, and now a monster has been created.

Let’s remember that Target is big business. It moves into towns for one reason: to make money. That money is immediately siphoned off from our city to its Minneapolis headquarters. We, in turn, get low prices, but it’s a tradeoff for poor working conditions and lack of a living wage. Target is very much against union affiliation. It is interested in profits, not in our city or its residents. Not in aesthetics or traffic. Just profits. 

What’s really sad is that this Target monster is causing divisions among our residents. There’s actually name-calling going on. There are class distinctions being made. People are becoming mean-spirited. Do we really want this divisive influence in our midst?

Other municipalities are just saying "no" to big-box stores. Let’s put our efforts into the Town Center and ask our city leaders and staff to abide by the Economic Development plan that has been laid out for them.

Georgann White, Scotts Valley

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