The different seasons of life
by Rev. Ken Hasekamp
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Spring has arrived in the Central Valley. The seemingly lifeless trees of six weeks ago have gone through or are about to go through big changes. The flowers on most of the fruit trees have been pollinated by the bees. Now the leaves are growing at a tremendous pace. Green fills our valley as the hills and mountains to the west turn golden. The great change that is the cycle of life is happening all around us.

What cycle of life are you going through right now? Like it or not, all of us are getting older. Recently, my body proved to me just how frail we can be. A trip to the hospital via ambulance was unexpected and eye opening. There was nothing I did to bring about this internal illness, and there were no warning signs.

My doctor looked at me three days after I left the hospital and told me just that. He apologized for not having more answers. Simply put, I became sick and now am better. End of that story.

Many people just cannot deal with the different seasons of life. They go into denial when sickness, disease or frailty due to age comes into the picture.

Here is a fact that may be hard to accept: 100 percent of people who get cancer are going to die. It might not be from their cancer, but they will die. All people who have a heart condition are going to die.

How do I know that? It is because death is a fact of life for all humans. We cannot escape death on our own.

Yes, we should do research into cancer prevention and cures. I take a number of pills with breakfast and more at night for my heart and cholesterol levels. It is great that we can do organ transplants. Medical science has come so far in my lifetime that it makes my head spin. I remember the first heart-bypass surgery some 40 years ago. But guess what? That person still died.

How about some good news? The best news is found in the Christian Bible, in the part called the Gospel books. The word “Gospel” simply means good news, and here is why:

When we are born again according to the words of Jesus in John 3:3-6, we get the promise of John 3:16-17 that eternal life can be ours. Rather than fear physical death, we can know that through Jesus, we can live forever with him beyond this life (see John 14:1-6).

All it takes is for us to grow a new or deeper friendship with Jesus. It is simple, and once you put your faith in Jesus, death has no hold on you. Want to know more? Look me up, neighbor. It would be my honor and pleasure to help you prepare for the next season of life you may be facing. Take care, neighbors!

The Rev. Ken Hasekamp is pastor of Adventure Christian Fellowship. Sermon Notes is a column by local religious leaders.

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