Sermon Notes
by Rev. Ken Hasekemp
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Put your trust in Jesus

Greetings to my Patterson neighbors. Many of you are new, so welcome to our community. My hope is that you will choose to be a positive contributor to Patterson, making it an even better city by your presence. Again, welcome.

“In God we Trust” first appeared on a United States coin in 1864. Our nation had been torn apart by the Civil War, and this was an important effort in the healing process. It was finalized as our national motto in 1956 by Congress. It is now very interesting that a few in our culture would like to strip this verbiage from our monetary representations. Let’s consider some alternatives for the secular progressives.

“In Money We Trust” might be one. Of course, all indications are that because of the increasing national debt, devaluation of the dollar is all but certain. That will lead us into an inflationary cycle. I remember well the late 1970s and early ’80s. The money in my wallet was worth less every month. Double-digit inflation and incredible interest rates brought a devalued dollar. Money is not a good object in which to place your trust.

“In Home Values We Trust” is not even worth discussing. The greed and foolishness in the housing market speaks for itself. Our “No. 1 asset” is not worth half the mortgage amount. And we put down a large down payment with the market already down.

“In Man We Trust” is another possibility. After all, many think there is no God, certainly not Jesus of Nazareth. If there is no God, then man is the top of the food chain, champion of the evolutionary cycle. Last time I checked, though, man is not always reliable. Man has this tendency to do what is best for himself. Many men make huge promises, but then never deliver. And men have this other issue — they die. Just about the time they are getting really wise, they run out of breath.

Maybe we don’t need to place our trust in anything. There is a cheery thought. Let’s just put our trust in nothing. Secular progressives rejoice. Throw hope and faith out the window for now and for eternity. “In Nothing We Trust” is just perfect.

No, as a Christian, I believe that a national tradition some 150 years old should stay. It does not even tell you what God to believe in. Secular progressives, just put your trust in the god of chance! Problem solved.

See you around town, neighbors. I will be the guy smiling, putting his trust in Jesus the Risen One (Luke 24), even if I am poor.

The Rev. Ken Hasekamp is minister of Patterson Christian Fellowship. Sermon notes is a column by ministers of the Patterson Ministerial Association.
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