High school is the new Hollywood
by Stacy Mercado
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High school is the new Hollywood

Hollywood’s atmosphere includes massive crowds of paparazzi and nasty reporters.

These obsessive paparazzi always have a camera in their hands and are ready for the money shot. All while they watch certain renowned celebrities, like a predator watching its prey. To the paparazzi, following celebrities’ every moves and finding out who they left an event with is life. These people with cameras devote a majority of their time to other peoples’ personal lives.

As for the reporters, they make it their goal to sell the magazines they work for. How do you sell magazines? By reporting “juicy gossip.”

Although there are some reporters who only write the truth, there still exists the other type of writer, who just spins stories.

Everyone is familiar with the ugliness that comes from being famous. It’s a love-hate relationship. Love being famous but hate the reality that once you are famous privacy goes out the window.

Who says you need to be a celebrity or live in fabulous Hollywood to be talked about? People fail to realize that high school is a stepping stone to Hollywood.

Every high school you visit shares similarities to paparazzi-studded Hollywood. Paparazzi are the students you go to high school with and help along the hype that Hollywood creates.

“Did you hear what she did this weekend?” “Oh my gosh, I saw him walking to class with another girl!” “They just broke up.”

Gossip spreads like wildfire in high school. There’s no other place where you receive recent gossip, being only a couple minutes old, from passing periods up until the end of the school day.

Many people try not to be the center of the whispers and gossip. Too often, these students fail. In four years of high school, it is inevitable that everyone is going to be talked about. If you are lucky, maybe it’ll happen no more then twice, while others become plenty more familiar with having their name as a headline for the gossip mill.

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