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Dear Mr. Ruiz,

'President' Obama is no more responsible for the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya then 'President' Ronald Regan was responsible for the 241 Marines killed in Beirut in 1983, or 'President' George Bush was for the attacks in 9-11-2001 that killed thousands of innocent people! And yes, Mr Ruiz, I am one of those 'liberals' you mention with such disdain. But I don't want to take away your precious gun (unless you're mentally unfit), just your ability to shoot hundreds of bullets quickly. I am sorry for the loss in Benghazi of diplomats on foreign soil. Any loss of life is terrible, especially senseless loss. But I fail to see your comparison with the slaughter of innocent children in our own country. Which, apparently, only bothers you because it might interfere with your ability to own a gun. I could go on, but prefer to say I agree with your right to disagree with me (it's what makes America great), and hope we can 'all' work together to make America better, going forward.

God Bless America!


Rick Reis, Patterson resident

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