Closing down Patterson Child Care Center
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 Hi. My name is Delfina Lopez. We have an urgent matter in regards to the Central California Child Development Services in Patterson, where our children attend.

We are devastated with the news that they are closing the Patterson Child Care Center. Unfortunately, due to the closure, there will be consequences moving forward that will affect 85 children, 150 parents and 25 staff members of the center that could cause desperate choices that wouldn’t benefit the community and our lives. 

We would like to request further investigation into second incident that was reported untruthfully from the supervisor to upper-management.

It is jeopardizing our kids well-being to becoming successful in their learning skills, which could affect us, parents, in our jobs; especially if we have minimum wages, gas being so expensive and the staff being terminated at CCCDS, which are teachers, cooks, janitors and health and social service workers.

With that being said, it doesn’t seem that it’s going to be closed temporarily. When will the funds be available to help the community strive towards the best of our children and parents’ needs! 

We asked for help at the all parent emergency meeting that took place on June 13, 2013. The executive director had no intention of helping us, or we weren’t getting any answers at all.

Her discussion with the parents was that this center is at high risk with the staff, and it will be closing, but the center continued open with same staff. Could it be they are shifting things around and putting excuses in between so that we parents won’t speak? 

In order for us to appeal the notices, there’s also a process which we have no tie to stop the closure.

We would like to know if it’s possible to get help with this situation with the Patterson Child Care Center investigation in all areas, specifically on the second incident that was reported untruthfully by the center supervisor. The supervisor will effectively work 6/7/2013 at a different facility within the agency, keeping her job and everyone in Patterson Center is now fired!



Delfina Lopez , Patterson resident
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