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In the fast-talk column (July 11, 2013), Ron Swift writes: “A question for readers: Just the other day, I got into my sock drawer and began matching up my footwear. To my dismay, I found four ‘one-seys.’ That’s odd, because I haven’t discarded worn out socks in over a year. So tell me, dear readers, where did those four missing socks go? (The question is worth 75 points on an upcoming quiz.)”

Here is my answer: Look beneath the bed or beds because that’s always a good “hide-away” location. Possibly, the four socks just were too tired and bored from living with the same mates. Thus, they joined together for the great escape!

Another factor that may have added to the abandonment of their residence could have been the living conditions of the “drawer,” and, with only 4 socks protesting, fled. It is a mystery how it was accomplished!

Phyllis Breves, Patterson resident

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July 16, 2013
i tried blaming the washer and dryer but came up dry. One of life's mysteries best unexplained cuz we really don't want the other missing socks to show up now!

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