Suspected thieves invade home with 15-year-old boy
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Sean McCullough, 21 of Oakland
Sean McCullough, 21 of Oakland
Sharde Smith, 22 of Stockton
Sharde Smith, 22 of Stockton
Two suspected robbers were nabbed Monday morning, August 5 at roughly 10:00 a.m. when a 15-year-old boy called local police to investigate his residency for thieves.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Deputies responded to the 20 block of Bella Flora to see a burglary in progress.

According to family members, the boy was left alone in the home and could hear intruders trying to break into his house from his upstairs bedroom. He walked downstairs to investigate and found a window of the residence had been broken into. The boy armed himself with a knife as he called local authorities and family members.

Stanislaus County Dispatch told the victim to leave the residence, as the deputies would be arriving shortly. One of the suspects, later identified as Sean McCullough, 21 of Oakland, was attempting to leave the residence at the same time as the victim.

In an attempt to escape harm, the boy tried to fight off McCullough. McCullough was able to take the knife and stab the boy in the arm before fleeing, according to the Stanislaus County Sheriff's department.

Authorities were quick to answer the call and were less than half a mile away from the residency, offering prompt response.

McCullough then got into his vehicle, a Ford Fusion, along with the second suspect, Sharde Smith, 22 of Stockton. As the suspects attempted to speed away, Deputies Daniel Hutsell and Jason Parker arrived on the scene. McCullouch drove the vehicle directly at Hutsell, who was able to swerve his patrol car to prevent a head on collision, causing his patrol car to be struck in the driver side door by McCullough.

The suspects attempted to flee southbound on Bella Flora before driving into Deputy Parker, who was in another car 50 feet behind Hutsell. The head on collision pushed Deputy Parker's patrol car off the roadway and onto the sidewalk.

Both suspects attempted to flee on foot. Deputy Hutsell ran after McCullough, who jumped fences into residences backyard. Once Hutsell caught McCullouch, he resisted arrested and was finally subdued by a taser.

Deputies then chased after Smith, who ran south onto Fawn Lilly. They placed her under arrest without incident.

Deputies found stolen property from the residence in the Fusion.

The 15 year old victim was taken to Emanuel Hospital for medical treatment, but had no life threating injuries. The deputies also did not sustain any major injuries during the incident.

McCullough was booked for conspiracy, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, burglary and reckless driving while evading a peace officer.

Smith was booked for conspiracy, burglary and had warrants out of Stockton for failure to appear.

Anyone with information about this investigation may call the Stanislaus County Sherriff's Department / Patterson Police Services at 892-5071.

Two patrol cars were damaged, as well as the white Ford Fusion driven by the intruders.

The Fusion did not have license plates on the car, but a large suitcase was found in the backseat.

Witnesses said they saw the commotion first hand, and offered their support to catch the alleged perpetrators.

“I noticed the two occupants in the car jumped out and started running. You could hear glass breaking and a large slam,” said one witness who wished to remain anonymous. “One of the cops couldn’t get out of his car because of the wreck. I asked if he needed assistance.”

“I wanted to tackle her,” one neighbor, identified as Remus, said about the young woman who attempted to flee the scene. “She was 30 feet away, and I just wanted to get involved…The police handled it very well. They were quick to respond.”

The family added that the boy was almost a black belt, and was involved in Tiger’s Tae Kwon Do program. He recently won a state championship for the sport earlier this year.

“We want everyone to know they should have thought twice before coming in,” said one family member. “You never know who you may be robbing.”

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August 06, 2013
Lock emup and throw away the keys that way we Never have to see them in Patterson again. Hail to the young 15 year old victim he is the HERO get well soon young man, you should have NEVER had to endure this kind of victimization. Make sure to file with the California Victim rights program.
August 05, 2013
Probably the same losers that almost got shot running through my yard a month ago and breaking into my sisters house . Rot in jail D-bags

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